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A Locker Room of One's Own

In the locker room, the guys make comments to Jess. One asks if she's washed his jeans yet, she retorts that she hasn't gotten to his man bra yet. Man boobs joke! Burn! Another guy holds up his cup and tells her she's got a phone call. Jess wonders what he's doing with it, he doesn't have anything big enough to fit in it. Small penis joke! Double burn! The kid asks her to at least put her number in it, and Vince, who's been overhearing all this, gets up and gets in his face, "Know who you're talking to here, yo." Jess tries to intervene but gets kind of shoved aside. She just shakes her head "Uh uh" and walks off. Vince follows her and they have an argument standing right outside the door to the locker room. She just wants to do her job, he can't believe she's mad that he was defending her. Coach wanders out, takes a look at the bickering couple, and wanders back into his office, wondering when the locker room became an episode of Dr. Phil.

Cut to his office where he has both kids in there. He tells them they are not to act as if they are in a relationship in the locker room, and they respond by saying fine... and then arguing with each other some more like they are in a relationship. Who's the drama queen, who's on the defensive, et cetera, until Coach bangs on his desk. He points at Vince, telling him to get used to her being the equipment manager, and points at Jess, telling her to do her job. She leaves and Vince tries to bond with Coach, "These women gettin' outta hand"-- which just makes me laugh. As if Coach is going to go there with you kid. Coach: "Get the hell out of my office."

Jess and the girls toss around ideas for the dance. They all have huge sodas from Sonic. Because they are tiny babies and can drink all the soda they want, without it, like, giving them indigestion or whatever old people thing that prevents us old people from junk fooding it all the time. The phone rings and it's for Becky. It's her dad, yelling at her for taking off and leaving her stepmom and making her worry. He tells her that he's returning home tomorrow, and she's to be there when he is. She says, simply, "I don't want to" and Mindy looks up with some concern sneaking in to her face. He tells her again, more sternly, and Becky acquiesces, "Yes, sir." She hangs up and turns to Mindy to say that she'll be out of there tomorrow. "Good news for you!" she chirps through tears.

Tami's Homework Club afterschool thing. Tami goes over to break up some back-and-forthing between Epyck and some boy. Tami tries to get Epyck to work on her math, asking her what's giving her trouble. Epyck just grunts that she isn't having trouble, it's just math and it's boring. The boy next to her remarks that Epyck is "technically a moron" upon which Epyck takes her textbook and whales on him. Tami jumps into action and has to physically restrain Epyck from attacking the boy further, "You will NOT, you will come with me right now."

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