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A Locker Room of One's Own
Buddy arrives at his bar to find the back door open, some chairs turned over, and smashed bottles on the ground. He grabs a baseball bat and hits the lights, only to find a completely drunk Buddy, Jr. rolling around on the floor towards the back. Buddy tells him this is "piss poor behavior" and a bad start to his new life and tells him to clean up the place. But Junior has different ideas about "cleaning up" as he starts to look woozy and Buddy has to shove a trash can under his face to catch his puke. He throws up his hands in exasperation. On one hand, man am I feeling for Buddy here, but on the other: how perfect is this shitty kid for a man who really most likely was a shitty kid?

Vince comes home to find his mom dressed in a nice dress. She's really annoyingly hesitant in this scene, all small feminine movements and thoughts-- "I didn't think it would fit me" "but since I'm going to dinner with your dad." Vince doesn't say anything and she asks if she looks ridiculous. He goes to her and stops her stupid feminine fluttering and tells her that she's the most beautiful thing in the world. He then tells her to just "be careful."

Commercials. Tami has Epyck in the principal's office. He hands down a one-day suspension and she leaves. Tami says that she wishes there were some other way to punish these kids other than suspension. Levi reminds her that fighting equals automatic suspension, but she points out that it doesn't do anything to help them understand why what they did was wrong. Levi tells her that the district has asked him to cut his budget by 25% and she says that it doesn't matter how much money they have, they can still help these kids. Levi tells her that he appreciates what she's doing, but he has other fish to fry. Education, folks! These teachers are the people currently demonized in Wisconsin. Good work, America!

Becky works on posters for the dance when Mindy comes in the door, wearing a short skirt, heels, and the baby on her hip. Sweet look. (Seriously). Mindy tosses her bag and baby down and commands Becky to "evaluate me." She turns around, lifts the skirt to reveal little ruffly boy shorts and tells Becky to judge her ass. Becky is understandably confused. Mindy emotionally says that she just went back to The Landing Strip, after losing every ounce of baby weight, and all she got offered is a day shift. Becky doesn't quite get it and so Mindy breaks it down for us: "Do you know what it's like dancing for a bunch of farmers with their mouths full of breakfast buffet? And the worst tippers, the worst!" Oh, man. That sounds not good. Becky tells Mindy that the manager is crazy, because Mindy looks amazing, and then suggests that she go back in and negotiate -- one day shift for one night shift. This idea is soothing and proactive-seeming to Mindy, who seems to buck up a bit. "Yeah, I have regulars!" Becky: "And I bet they totally miss you." The ladies pause a moment to bask in stripper-business-success related bonding until Becky reminds Mindy that her father is coming back tonight. "Can you give me a ride over there tonight?"

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