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A Locker Room of One's Own

Julie. Julie Taylor! Her story line is so sadly misplaced and chopped up. She's hanging out just minding her own business when Head T.A. Derek Bishop shows up and asks her what she's doing tomorrow. She says (lies?) that she has a date. Then he, pinnacle of douchery says, "Good, that's good" like a pat on the head. She asks him what he means by that and he says all he means is "good." He gets up, apologizes for bothering her and leaves. She looks confused.

East Dillon practice field. Vince's dad shouts encouragement to Vince during a break, Vince grabs Hastings to run back out on the field and keep tossing balls, either to keep impressing his father or to get away from his father. Probably a little bit of both. Coach goes over to one of the standards (who IMDB tells me is named Deacon Floyd) in the bleachers and asks about Vince's dad. Deacon tells him that he was in jail for aggravated assault and used to be a drug dealer, "one of the baddest cats in town." Coach sort of grunts at the news, but Deacon reminds him, as the camera films Vince's father walking in slow motion away from the field, that people can change.

Tami and Coach sit at the kitchen table, Coach prattling on in stream of consciousness. Which is just so perfect -- this man who is so effectively reticent in public, prattling on at home, to his wife, his best friend. He prattles about Jess ("she has a temper!" Tami: "She's a strong woman"), and Epyck ("what kind of name is 'Epyck' anyway? Sounds like something you come up with when you're drunk") and tells Tami that the answers are at the back of the book she's working with. Tami throws up her hands and is like I KNOW! She explains that she can't teach Epyck with the math unless she understands it herself. Tami is frustrated and Coach tells her to call Julie and Tami gets excited. "Julie was always a whiz at math!" and also, more sadly, "It's a great excuse to call her!" She dials the number but...."shoot." Gets "the machine." The camera follows Coach's eyes over to a picture of his ladies -- Tami, Julie, and Gracie. They're missing her.

Doreen sits outside in a lawn chair, drinking a cocktail and smoking a cigarette, bra poking out of the top of her tank top, when Mindy drives up with Becky. Becky gets out and slumps toward the house when Doreen starts with her, demanding an apology. Becky refuses and Doreen gets hysterical. The dad comes out and is ineffectual in the way those sorts of dads are. Tempers rise, Becky reminds everyone that this is her house anyway, and Mindy steps in asking if there's a problem. Doreen declares that they are her family, with which Becky disagrees. Her dad grabs Becky's arm to drag her into the house when Mindy grabs Becky's small little rolly suitcase and tells her to get back in the car. Lots of yelling, ordering Mindy off their property, but Mindy hasn't managed ill-intentioned pawing hands at The Landing Strip for years for nothing. She sort of gets Becky behind her and tells Becky's dad and stepmom off. They hop back in the car, Becky crying as she looks at her father looking helpless to intervene in this stepmother drama.

Commercials. Locker room. Vince and Hastings bullshit about who Hastings is taking to the dance. Hastings: "C'mon Vince, it's not who you take, it's who you take home." Smooth moves coming up in the school gym, ladies! Just when we are mid-eye-roll, Luke comes busting in to remind us how incredibly awesome he is and also how incredibly underused he's been so far this season. He's all pumped up because he's got tickets to the Longhorns/TMU game, fifty yard line. Everyone erupts, and he says he's got six tickets, so they should all know that he likes pepperoni pizza and homecooked meals. With that grin, Luke Cafferty, I don't think you'll have a problem procuring those things in your lifetime.

Tami is in the gym, which is getting set up for the dance. Another teacher tells her that, as a chaperone, she'll need to stay to clean up after the dance is over, which means 1 a.m. Tami sort of sucks in her breath at this news. But we quickly find out why she's agreed to do this when Coach comes in to deliver some "tiki people." She tells him that this teacher has volunteered for Homework Club and all she has to do in exchange is chaperone! Bright voice! Sad soul! The other teacher excuses herself and Coach, hands on hips, reminds her that they were supposed to have their own party tonight, they had a babysitter and everything. She tells him that the only way to get people to help with her Homework Club is to bribe them. Coach asks her if she would like to get some lunch and she agrees, and they walk off together, Tami's sheath dress and cowboy boots leaving a trail of awesome dust everywhere she walks.

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