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A Locker Room of One's Own

Commercials. Vince's father comes home to his little cottage to find his son going through his things. Vince tells him he's "just checking." His father lets him go for a while, until Vince asks him to swear to him that he's done with the drugs. His father swears. Vince asks him to promise him that he won't ever let his mother touch that stuff ever again. His father stands up, grabs his son by the shoulders, and promises that he won't ever let that happen again. "On my life." Vince turns to leave and says "October 9, 1993, pop." His birthday.

Locker room. Jess stands outside Coach's office folding towels, while the coaches meet. The coaches discuss their issues on defense, one of them complaining about Tinker lacking any gas. Billy speaks up, hesitantly, repeating what Jess told him about Tinker reacting to the snap count. Coach listens and seems happy that Billy has such an insightful comment. "Good, good. Fix it." Jess, hanging out behind, busts into a smile. Praise by proxy. Coach leaves his office, noticing her-- "Jessie, how you doin?"-- but not noticing her yet.

The National plays as Coach heads out to the field where Buddy and Buddy, Jr. toss the ball back and forth. Coach calls him over, Buddy, Jr. runs over and takes his helmet off. Coach asks him a bunch of questions -- you know what a three-point stance is? A stunt? Buddy, Jr. says "no" and Buddy corrects him, "No, sir." Buddy says that his son is a quick learner and Coach snarks, "Well, we know you can run." Then he schools the little rat bastard -- you don't take your helmet off when you're standing on Coach's field. He sends Junior off to run the forty and this little man is about to get molded!

The National keeps playing as we go into a final montage: Billy, Mindy, and Becky playing Boggle and laughing, Becky gazing longingly at a photo of Tim off to the side. Then to TMU where Luke has brought his friends to check out the college football scene, the fields, the locker rooms, and... Vince getting pulled aside to meet with a whole team of coaches. Now, hold up. Is this Vince getting pulled in instead of Luke? Cuz, damn, that would be harsh.

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