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Price of Glory
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I step away from the show for a minute and Matt and Julie LIE DOWN TOGETHER? Just like in Bible times? Wow. Thanks to Jeff for holding it down while I was away!

We open this week with Buddy, Lyla, and Tim rushing through the airport like it's 1980 and you are allowed to walk right up to the gate. They're picking up the other Garrity kids. I mean, I guess since they're minors, Buddy would be allowed to go through to the gate. But Tim Riggins? Snaking through security without a boarding pass and NOT getting brought to a back room for a strip search? Hardly. Lyla hugs her brother Buddy and sister Tabitha. Buddy kind of sweetly dad-spazzes on his kids in exactly the way you are not allowed to do when the kids are 13 and BITCHES. Little Buddy tells Big Buddy that he's into soccer now, which is just blasphemy. But Big Buddy takes the announcement with good cheer and then turns to his daughter, whom he declares now "looks like a hippie." He gives her a bear hug and she screws up her face and smirks, "Dad, you're all sweaty!" Sweaty Buddy Garrity!

Coach complains to Tami about how long this is going to take as they pull up in front of McCoy McMansion. Quick cut inside to Coach, all fake smiles around the dining table. Katie McCoy drags Tami away to go show her something upstairs, sing-songing that Tami's "gonna want ooonnne!" Oh, ugh. J.D. comes home and comes into the dining room to say hi to Coach and his dad. Mr. McCoy and his son have a sweetly bantering conversation about playing golf that weekend, J.D. jokingly fake-punching his dad. J.D. heads off to bed, and Coach remarks on what a good kid he is. McCoy says that all thanks for that go to his wife. Awkward pause, and then Coach tells McCoy that when he made J.D. apologize to him in church the other day, it made him feel uncomfortable. McCoy quickly apologizes, seemingly realizing that he did cross a line there. He says it just drives him crazy when he sees his son screw up. He then tells Coach that he apologizes and "it will not happen again." Coach is like, uh, that's not what I'm asking for, but McCoy sort of shuts the conversation down. Totally not getting that Coach isn't trying to regulate what is and what is not said to him, but that he's trying to tell this guy to just BACK OFF his son a bit.

Billy helps Jason get out of his truck. He's apparently given Jason one of the recruiting letters he's gotten about Tim. Jason levels with Billy, telling him that schools send out hundreds of those kinds of letters, and they don't necessarily mean anything. He's kind of harsh, telling Billy that Tim isn't exactly college material. Billy tells Jason that he's knows "the kid's an idiot" but then vulnerably tells Jason that he doesn't know what he's doing, but that he really wants to do anything he can to get Tim into college. Billy asks Jason to tell him what to do; Jason suggests that Billy throw together a highlight reel for Tim and send it out.

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