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Price of Glory

Cut inside the Our Gang Club House, where Herc and Tim lounge around drinking beer. Jason scolds them for sitting around rather than working on the rehab, but they inform him that it's all done, paint dry, curtains up. Jason smiles and says, "Look what two idiots and a couple of cripples can do!" and Herc chimes in, "It's like the Special Olympics!" Billy asks if they now call a realtor to help them unload the property, but Jason declares that they are not going to hire a realtor and pay her commission, they're going to sell the house themselves. The other guys are nonplussed.

Credits. Tami stalks into her office, Mac trailing her talking about how "it was an accident" and "Jamarcus is a good kid" and that we're talking about their starting fullback here. Tami barely pays attention to Mac, and addresses the young man, "Jamarcus Hall. Hello, sir." He stammers about how it was an accident; she tells him to sit down. He immediately starts pleading to be allowed to play in the game on Friday, and Tami tells him that this is a conversation they'll have to have with his parents. Jamarcus starts to really stammer now, and Mac jumps in and asks if they shouldn't bring Coach Taylor in on this issue. Tami is like, "Do what?" No, we don't bring Coach Taylor in on this! She dismisses them both, and as Mac leaves, she gives him a total Bish Plz.

Devin finds Landry in the band room. He's sadly picking out sad songs on the guitar, and he tells her that he's just sitting there "not thinking about Tyra." Devin mewls sympathetically when Tyra comes on over the P.A. chattering about the blood drive. Landry mutters about how she's just everywhere. Devin purses her lips and turns to the piano and starts playing. "I know a girl who/Thinks of ghosts/She'll make you breakfast/ She'll make you toast." This is probably the most endearing thing that has ever been done in the history of the universe. As Devin keeps plinking and croaking out the Flaming Lips song, she gives Landry a bright smile, but he keeps on moping. She turns back around on the bench and tells him, "This whole emo thing you've got goin' on.....?" and he apologizes. She says it's okay and asks if he'll give her a ride home from practice. Even the director of photography can't resist this girl; most shots of her are close-ups, her insanely adorable and weirdly charismatic (weirdly, because she's actually really still in the face most of the time) face all centered and framed. She gets up, tells him to cheer up again, and as she walks out of the room, gives him a big, fat kiss on his temple. Landry, being the literal boy he is, brightens up as he watches her walk away. Oh, Landry. You are so clearly in the friend zone here. Wipe that puppy dog look right off your face.

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Friday Night Lights




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