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Price of Glory

Over at the Club House, Billy holds a camcorder and interviews Tim about his interests, Herc off to the side, watching. Tim waxes on about how he likes football, playing on Friday nights, yadda yadda. Then Herc interjects that Tim likes Gwen Stefani, too, and both Riggins brothers start yelling at him for messing up Tim's best take. Jason wheels in and puts a stop to their incessant bickering. Jason has put together the listing for the house and lets them take a look. Herc notices that Jason has upped the price from $265,000 to $295,000. The bickering returns. Billy and Herc think they should stick with the original plan, that if they have to lower the price of the house, they're dead in the water. Jason tells them that now is the time to step up to the plate. He takes charge and says they set the price there and they will GET that price. The rest of the guys begrudgingly agree to the plan.

Tami has Jamarcus Hall's parents in the office with her and Jamarcus. His parents are all exasperated, his dad asking the kid what is wrong with him. Tami says that she just thinks they need to come up with a plan for Jamarcus, and Mrs. Hall tells her that she's got six kids, she knows how to handle Jamarcus. Tami then tells them that if something like this happens again, they'll be looking at a suspension, which would take away from the academics and cause him to miss some football games. The Halls' heads both whip towards Tami -- "Games? What are you talking about?" Tami's eyes get wide as she asks them, "Y'all don't know Jamarcus is a Panther?" and then cut to Jamarcus, dropping his head into his hands.

The Garritys in the car. Buddy tries to chat with the younger kids but they're in the back seat tuned out, playing video games and texting. Buddy suggests that they have a sing-a-long, which even made me roll my eyes. Tabitha says they can count her out, and then when Buddy remarks that she used to love to sing, takes it a few hundred miles past the line in declaring that "I used to love to sing? Well, I used to not have pubic hair, too." Buddy is like "Whoooah!" and Lyla tells her little sister that no one wants to hear about her pubic hair. Tabby drones something about how Kevin (remember Rice Dream? The guy their mom took up with after the affair?) says they shouldn't be ashamed of their bodies. Buddy tells her that it is just "TMI for dad, okay?" and she brats that if he really wants her to censor herself, she will, she forgot she was back in Fascist Texas. Meanwhile, they've pulled up to a gas station because Little Buddy needs to pee; he hops out of the car, all grabby-hands toward him asking for money. He's like "of course" and the two kids run into the store. Lyla puts her hand on her dad's arm and asks if he's okay. He sighs and snarks that it's just great having the kids back. It's a little weird how sort of mom/wife-like Lyla looks in that front seat next to her father.

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