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Price of Glory

Commercials. Tami walks into Coach's office and gives him a recap about the Jamarcus Hall situation. She tells him about how the kid set some girl's hair on fire. Coach takes this in stride, he knows all about kids and silly things like attempted murder. But then Tami tells him that when his parents came in to talk about it, it was discovered that Jamarcus never told them he was playing for the Panthers, that he forged their signatures on the permission slip, and they are pulling him off the team. Coach nearly jumps out of his seat and asks Tami what she's done. The conversation gets heated, Coach telling her that he needs to be informed when she's dealing with one of his players, Tami telling him that is ridiculous and that whether or not he was a part of the conversation, the outcome would have been the same. Coach jumps up and storms off, shouting for Mac, who presumably won't give him as much lip as his wife does. But then again probably doesn't as smell as nice as she does.

Landry and Devin pulls up in front of Devin's house. Landry turns the car off and Devin asks, surprised, if he wants to come in or something. He says he thought they'd just sit and talk for a while. She cutely goes along with it, saying that they should talk about their band and how it's cool. Her lower lip is simply mesmerizing. Landry is clearly feeling the effects even more strongly than I am. He rambles about how she's doing great in the band and then just sort of leans over and kisses her full on the mouth. The kiss lasts long enough to seem like maybe it might have been welcomed, but then Devin just sort of smiles and gets out of the car, thanking Landry for the ride.

Football practice. Jason is on the field filming Tim. Mr. McCoy is on the sidelines watching J.D. Coach goes over to Jason to chat for a minute; Jason explains about the highlight reel. But off to the side, McCoy has called J.D. over to him. When Mac tries to keep J.D. on the field, McCoy demands that J.D. come over to him, which is totally not kosher to do. (I feel I just mixed metaphors there, talking about kosher and football in the same sentence.) Coach notices what's going on, and goes over to McCoy and grabs J.D back, telling McCoy to get his ass back to the stands. Of course, when Coach says things like "Get your ass over there" it comes off all friendly and good-natured because he is MAGIC.

Doomed Garrity Family Camping Trip. The brats brat around about hating camping. Big Buddy suggests that he and his son toss the football around a bit. Little Buddy bitches about how he hates football and how "Kevin says...." Buddy tries to head it off at the pass, saying that he just doesn't care what Kevin says. He suggests that they eat dinner and happily pulls out some prime Nebraska Angus steaks. Tabitha asks how many times she has to tell him that she's a vegan now. Lyla tells her to give it a rest. Buddy clarifies that the steaks are organic and grass fed, and they'll say a little prayer for the cow before they eat it. Lyla smiles, getting the joke, but the Hippie Garritys apparently lost their senses of humor when they got "enlightened." Tabitha crosses the line once again when she snaps that "Kevin says meat is murder" and Buddy finally loses it. He says that he doesn't care what kind of left-wing propaganda Kevin tells them; Tabitha gets all ill-informedly self-righteous as 14 years olds are wont to do, throatily declaring that it isn't propaganda, "it's a fact." Buddy takes a deep breath and tells her that, young lady, Kevin isn't her father, he is. Tabitha yells that "Well a REAL father wouldn't have cheated on Mom!" Buddy takes the steaks and throws them into the woods shouting that they'll just let the coyotes ("ki-yotes") have them, Tabitha shouts that she wishes Buddy weren't her father, and Buddy tells her that he pretty much feels the same way right now. He shouts that all he's gotten from them since they arrived has been hate, and he's tired of it. Dude, these kids really just broke their dad. He goes stomping off into the woods and Lyla snaps at her siblings, "What's wrong with you guys?' They're all fake-innocently "What?" and Lyla is like "WHAT?" and then does a very convincingly mom-like talk-through-her-teeth telling them what brats they've been being.

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