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Price of Glory

Applebee's. Tyra's working, Landry comes in to tell her thanks and that she was right about everything, and how they really aren't meant to be with each other and how he's met someone else now and it's all great. Oh, Landry. Come on. Tyra interrupts the stream of delusion to ask, "You have a girlfriend?" and Landry is like "Yes!" In my mind! Tyra tells him that she's happy for him, and Landry says that maybe now they can try and be friends. They part.

Night time. Buddy is walking down a country road. Lyla drives up and tells him to get in the car. He asks her to leave him alone, but she insists that he get in the car and talk about it. He gets into the passenger seat and looks out the window. Buddy says that he acted terrible, but Lyla tells him that the kids deserved it. Buddy muses that they hate him, that all a man has is his children, and now they hate him. Lyla tells him that they don't hate him, they're just being brats and they don't know what they're saying. Buddy thinks they do know what they're saying, and that he deserves it. "I've lost them." He looks over at Lyla, who sweetly tells him that he's still got her. He closes his eyes against the tears and reaches out to take Lyla's hand.

Commercials. Tami and Coach walk up to the front of a house, bickering about who's going to take the lead in the conversation. Coach asks that Tami let him do the talking. Cut inside, where Jamarcus Hall's parents are explaining to the Taylors about why they don't want Jamarcus on the football team. The father is an engineer at the power plant and gets moved around for work a lot; they're just passing through, they don't understand this weird football cult in Dillon. Coach tries to explain what he does with these young men, but Mr. Hall interrupts, getting a bit more forceful, saying that football doesn't mean anything to their family, and Jamarcus doesn't need to be wasting his time on it. Coach stutters some more about how football is about community spirit and young men and yadda yadda, and Mr. Hall, quickly sensing this is perhaps becoming a pissing contest, insults the dumb game that the whole "wacked-out town is obsessed with." Heh. Coach isn't going to let another guy piss farther than him and gets a little prickly about how he wouldn't devote his life to just some dumb game. And then Tami jumps in, working her lady magic. Telling the Halls that she didn't understand the fuss about football at first either. Then she waxes poetic about how her husband has this rare talent of getting a kid on a field, inspiring and empowering them in ways that translate to other aspects of their life. She suggests that they come to a game on Friday, just to see Jamarcus "in his element, shining." The Halls come around quickly, and they say they'll think about it. Cut outside to Coach opening the passenger-side door for Tami, Tami cooing about how sweet he is, obviously realizing how much he owes her one for that.

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