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Price of Glory

Devin chats with a girlfriend outside school when Landry comes up. Smiling, he asks if she wants to hang out after school; she quickly dismisses her friend, sensing what is brewing, and as Landry continues, he does this absolutely mortifying thing where he sort of "nonchalantly" raises a hand and sort of lets gravity guide it down toward Devin's. Devin's hand sort of gently pulls away, and Landry's hand grabs hold of the fingers on her OTHER hand. Meanwhile, Landry has kept up a steady stream of babbling about what they might do while they hang out after school. Devin quickly puts a stop to it: "Landry? I'm a lesbian." Landry sort of croaks, "Nooo, you're not...?" and Devin continues, spelling it out as clearly as possible: "I like girls, not boys." She says she just wanted to tell him because he seems to have the wrong idea. Please let us also note that during this entire conversation, they are both wearing these big black nylon guitar cases on their backs, bobbing there like little nerd thought bubbles rising up above their heads. Landry is certain that Devin kissed him back the other day, and Devin sweetly tells him that she didn't want to be rude, and she needed to give it a try. "I know now that I really am. So, I really should thank you, I guess." With that, Landry flees.

Open house at the Our Gang Club House. Billy tries to sell the house to a young couple by pointing out -- wokka wokka -- that the bath tub upstairs is big enough for two, maybe even for three. They walk straight out of that scene. Jason cheerfully hands out fliers until he overhears Herc in the kitchen talking to some prospective buyers about there being a little wiggle room on the price. Cut outside to Jason asking Herc what the hell his problem is. Herc thinks they have to lower the price; Billy comes out in his suit and white dress shoes (!) and worries that they haven't even had a nibble yet. Jason points out the house has been on the market for six hours; he says he already has a baby, "grow some balls, guys." The argument escalates, Billy asking who put Jason in charge, Jason spitting that he's in charge because nobody else stepped up. Herc says that they can't afford to be on the hook for the mortgage, that it isn't just about Jason and his kid. Jason gets all self-righteous: "don't you dare bring Noah into this" but Herc comes right back telling him that he's the one always dragging Noah into it, "You wave that baby around like a gun." That's the straw that broke the jokers' backs, and Herc and Jason start ramming their wheelchairs into one another. Inside, Tim smooth talks some folks while quickly closing the drapes onto this scene of entrepreneurial implosion. Back outside, Jason, all red-faced, shouts, "All right FINE!" He admits he needs the money for his family, but that they all need the money. He goes on some about how Erin's parents are paying for day care for Noah in New England and he can't compete with that. He says that they'll be lucky to get $60,000 to split between the four of them; they need to keep the price where it is. "Just, please, just trust me." Herc is a bit "Whoah" in reaction to Jason's reaction, and he quietly says that it's okay, they'll do it his way.

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