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Price of Glory

Commercials. Tami finds Landry in the library and whispers to him that the lab isn't available for the physics club anymore because of the fire. Heh. Landry tells her there is no physics club anymore, and then asks if he could talk to her for a second. She sits down, and Landry tells her that he's starting to feel like he's got some sort of repellent that repels females, sends them away, sends them running. Oh, my sweet Landry. He tells Tami about how he chased Tyra away, and then how there's another girl that he chased away, "Only a lot quicker." Tami tells Landry that it's probably hard for him to see this, but he is at the beginning of his life. She says that a lot of the football heroes aren't going to go much further than this, but Landry is going to go to college, and have a career that he loves, and women will flock to him. Luckily, Landry hasn't been following the New York Times coverage of the recession, or he would realize this is all lies. He breaks into a smile, and Tami tells him that it will work this way: "I'm right a hundred percent of the time, you can ask my husband." In addition to hiring Coach, I'm now also thinking of hiring a principal of my apartment.

Game night. Everyone's there in the stands. Like a community, see? The bratty Garrity kids only recognize "community" in the form of drum circles, apparently, though and they sit glumly next to their father. Jason buys some snacks from the stand, and then turns around and runs into a former Panther -- Wendell -- who is apparently going pro. They small talk -- of course, because this is Jason Street, small talk also includes references to "what happened" to him. Jason gets Wendell up to speed on his life -- he coached, sells cars, flips houses, has a son. A guy in a suit walks up and Wendell introduces Jason to his soon-to-be agent. Wendell tells the agent that Jason was his quarterback, and to this day, had the best arm of anyone he's played with. Wendell excuses himself, and the agent tells Jason that he used to be quarterback down the road at Westerby back in his day. He played Division II in college. DING! A light bulb goes off for Jason: "you graduated and became an agent?" The guy explains he knew he didn't have the arm to go pro, so did the next best thing. Wendell comes back and tells Jason he has to head out; the agent looks down at Jason and remarks, "Price of glory, eh?" and then hands him his card and tells him to ring him up if he's ever in NYC.

Out on the field, the game starts, and on his first long toss, J.D. goes too long. His dad shouts at him from the stands, "WHAT! ARE! YOU! DOING?" loudly enough for Coach to turn around and give him the stink eye from below, and Tami to give him the stink eye from a few rows above. The game continues, and we're cued to watch Jamarcus Hall's good performance in addition to J.D.'s bad performance. The Halls are in the stands feeling the electricity, McCoy is in the stands fretting and critiquing so much even Buddy tells him to cool down, and the Garrity kids continue to sit glumly. I sort of like the integrated stands-field perspective during this game. J.D. throws an interception, and then it's half-time. McCoy is waiting for J.D. by the locker room door. The kid tries to snake past, not making eye contact, but his father does the dreaded finger-pump-toward-the-ground "GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW" thing and J.D. obeys. The players give McCoy the stink eye as they walk by, but he keeps scolding and pressuring until Coach finally comes up and saves J.D., telling Joe that he needs his quarterback. J.D. heads off and Coach takes a minute to ask the crazed father what he's doing. McCoy bitches that he's talking to his son, "Is that a problem?" Coach tells him to back off and give J.D. some breathing room so he can work with him, and then taps Joe on the shoulder with one disapproving finger. Ouch!

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