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Price of Glory

Inside the locker room, Coach pulls J.D. aside and tries to tell him a parable about how his own old man used to have expectations of him, and that that was not easy on him. J.D. is not comprehending, so Coach tells J.D. that his dad just wants him to do his best and succeed. Coach looks at him blankly for a minute, at a loss for how to deal with a kid who doesn't know he needs some help.

Back on the field, Coach gives them a pep talk, and sends them back to the game. He grabs J.D. on his way out and looks directly at him, telling him that he's going to call the plays, he's not to look into the sidelines at his "daddy" or look to the sidelines at Coach. He tells J.D. that he will pull him off the field if he does and then declares intently: "I've got all the confidence in the world in you. Now, let's go." Inspire! Empower! Yes!

That did the trick, because back out on the field, J.D. is totally inspired and empowered. And Coach's magic works even beyond the field because in the stands the Bratty Garritys are inspired to stop being such dicks! Both kids are now standing up and kind of begrudgingly getting into the game, much to their father's delight. And then the Halls get to get inspired watching their son be empowered by catching a beautiful McCoy pass for a game-winning touchdown! The only one who isn't inspired OR empowered is Assface Dad McCoy, who's all cranky that his little precious isn't looking to him in the stands. As the team celebrates their win on the field, Coach grabs J.D.'s face mask and tells him "well done", and the kid just beams, and then tries to share his joy with his dad in the stands, but the little bitch refuses to meet his son's glance.

Parking lot. Jamarcus catches sight of his parents waiting for him, and goes over to them. His dad meaningfully tells his son that he looked good out there. Then the Garritys walk out together, Buddy telling them they have to get home and go to bed because the Brats have an early flight in the morning. Tabitha does her best with a truly schlocky line, "Uh, hey, dad? Do you think we could stop and get some sundaes on the way home?" and I don't care how "Good night John Boy" this scene is, I LOVE IT. Buddy quips that sundaes are dairy, and Lyla laughs. Cut over to J.D. getting a big spazzy hug from his big spazzy mom, but all the blinding bling that lady wears can't distract him from the fact that his dad isn't there to congratulate him as well. "Is Dad mad at me?" he asks. His mom smoothes it over, telling her son that his dad should be mad at himself, and then putting her arm around him and walking off. They pass Billy, Tim, and Jason; Jason's on the phone, nodding his head and "yes sir"-ing. He hangs up and Riggins ask who it was: oh, just this guy....this guy that got them the first offer on the house. Wooo! God, what a piquantly cheesy scene, and how I seriously don't even really care.

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