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Price of Glory

Landry and Other Kid in Landry's garage for band practice. Other Kid (shall we call him Mouth Breather? It does seem he is afflicted) goes inside for a second, and Devin arrives. She says that she doesn't want things to be weird between them. Landry assures her that it won't be, all of it was his fault, and he appreciates that she was honest with him. But Devin isn't really asking, you know, about his feelings. I mean, the girl just came out to him! In Dillon, Texas! She asks him if, you know, he's okay with "the secret." Landry tells her that he's totally fine and that it's great, and now they should just play some music. Mouth Breather comes back and says that he can't play that other song they've been playing -- part of Landry's "Tyra period" -- because he'll slit his wrists if they do. Landry happily starts an upbeat riff on his guitar, and everyone is smiling and happy to be playing The Flaming Lips rather than the Simpering Sadness they had been playing. Landry takes vocals, but Devin can't resist and comes in on the harmony -- "She uses ma-a-a-ga-ziiiines" -- her harmonizing kind of throwing Landry off which just results in diabetic shock cuteness.

At the Playgirl Ranch, the boys are celebrating with wings and beers. Lyla comes running in apologizing for being late. God, I'm glad Lyla got released from that weird front-passenger-seat premature mom-hood. She hops onto the easy chair with Tim, and Billy puts Tim's highlight reel in. We start with game footage, Tim Riggins busting through four, five, six guys on the field at a time. Please notice that the television they're watching the tape on is duct taped together. Then the reel switches from game footage to interviews, Jason interviewing Coach about what makes Tim a great football player. With great laconic gravity, Coach waxes on about Tim's toughness and fortitude. The camera cuts to Tim clearly feeling emotional about the idea of anyone putting this kind of effort into him. Then cut to Billy on the tape, also emotional, recounting his favorite memory of his brother playing football, talking about how when Tim won State, that was the happiest day of Billy's life. The tape concludes, and everyone tells Jason how nice it was. Billy stands up and toasts Jason, thanking him for the house and for everything.

Cut outside to the back yard. Jason is sitting out there gazing up when Lyla comes out to check on him. He tells her that he's just looking at the Dillon sky and then asks her if she thinks he could make it somewhere else, if she thinks he might make a good sports agent. She tears up, and goes quiet, and then says, "You're leaving?" She takes a deep breath and tells him that he would make a great sports agent. Jason, tears in his eyes now, tells her that he thinks he does need to leave and start a new life. Lyla quietly tells him that she thinks it's great, and then we cut back to the pair shot from a distance, Lyla leaning in and kissing his forehead, holding his head in her hands. When I think of the first scene between these two -- where Minka Kelly was obviously a totally green actress -- and the characters of Jason and Lyla so sort of callow and unformed, and then compare them to this. This show actually goes places, takes its characters places, which is just remarkable. Sigh. Okay, I'll stop now. "Good night John Boy."

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