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Commercials. On the field, Billy is heading up Special Teams practice. He yells at them and tells them that Special Teams is all about giving the "real" players a breather and allowing the people in the stands a chance to drop their kids off at the pool. "More like Special Ed." Hey, that's my husband's nickname! (Really). Cut to practice, where Billy is all drunk on power and shouting at them about punting and returns and how "WE WILL RUN WITH HATE IN OUR HEARTS." He shouts about how nobody will write about them in the paper, nobody will know their names. The boys sort of look at him in boredom, but this does not deter Billy from his commitment to Inspiration Through Shouting. Off to the side, the other coaches check their watches, until finally Coach Taylor calls Billy over and whispers, "This is supposed to be a walk through."

Back at the hotel, the pack of animals -- uh, I mean, group of teenaged boys -- heads to the pool where they all cannonball in and pop a lady and her two kids right out, scared as hell at all the kooky testosterone. Off to the side, Vince, Ornette, and Coach discuss Vince's recruitment. Coach tells them that this recruitment thing is no joke -- schools are now up to recruiting 13 year olds. He suggests that he act as the go-between, if Vince and his dad are comfortable. Vince's dad wants to know where Vince could possibly play and Coach tells him that TMU is the first to come calling, but it won't be the last. Vince says that he thinks everything should go through Coach, and Ornette agrees. Right. For now.

Julie and Head T.A. Derek Bishop eat fried bread in the lovely, warm Texas evening. Head T.A. Derek Bishop tells her that he doesn't bring too many people there and then launches into a faux-deep Kerouac rumination how he finds these great, off-the-beaten-path places by just "getting lost." He thinks that's how he found Julie. When, actually, how they met each other is that he got revealed as a poser football fan. He says they need to get going soon because his "thesis calls." Which -- writers, this guy is clearly in the PhD program (he wouldn't be TAing otherwise) and PhDs don't call their projects "theses" -- they are dissertations. End dork message. NOW who's being a douche?

Hotel, where there is FUN to be had because these kids aren't total lamewads yet. Some joke-commotion out in the hall with Buddy, Jr. spilling the 12 buckets of ice he's getting for everyone. Then cut outside, where a series of boys have little patios all in a row. Luke joins Vince on his, the crickets chirping in the warm evening. They shoot the shit a bit as the camera wanders down to show us Coach Taylor, relaxing on his own patio, hidden from view. Here he is, listening. Tinker comes out and bitches about it being too quiet there -- he misses the cop cars and crackheads of home. And now begins what could basically be a short play starring a doomed young Marlon Brando. I seriously love this scene, these boys talking to one another and making "yo momma" jokes while Coach listens quietly. Hastings comes out of his room, saying that he hears "a lot of dude talk." Luke jokes that they're taking in the beauty of Kingdom, TX and Hastings wonders whether he's talking about the no bars and 9,000 churches. They ask if he's been there before, and Hastings talks a bit about how his dad worked on a few rigs, but they didn't stay long, "as usual." Tinker wonders if they're going to win the game tomorrow; Vince says that they aren't the same team as they were when they played them last time. Hastings asks what was up with the forfeit last time and Vince says that it was a bad feeling, but Coach is a stand up guy and he had his reasons, even if they don't understand them. Heartbreaking! They still don't understand! He was protecting them. They were too hurt. But I guess youth doesn't understand danger in that way. They joke some more, telling Tinker that the candy and porn he thought was free is not indeed free (at this, Coach just silently shakes his head from side to side), and then one-by-one head off to bed. Boys! Becoming men! Boyz II Men! A-B-C-B-B-D The Texas Family! (Okay, I don't know what that was about at all).

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