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Commercials. Game time! Lions are down by three and the game has been full of trash talking and unnecessary penalties. Coach's hair watches from the sidelines with bemused detachment for the moment. South King scores another touchdown, and the Lions Special Teams heads out on the field for the kickoff return. Buddy fumbles the ball for a bit and then picks it up just in time to get clobbered by a huge hit. I have to be honest, I don't totally understand this part, but apparently this is not a clean hit. The ref doesn't call it, Coach Taylor's hair goes from detachment to outrage in two seconds flat, while Hastings gets in the face of the player that hit Buddy, Jr. and warns him not to mess with him. Coach tells Vince to take a knee on the snap, even though there's time enough for a play. Vince protests, but does what Coach says and they head into halftime.

In the locker room, all the players are pissed that the other team is playing dirty. Coach tells them to settle down and stop playing for revenge. They have to rise above. Stay away from dumb. And all that high-minded shit. Back out on the field, Hastings flirts with a cheerleader while Vince gets waylaid by a kid spewing racist shit at him ("Go back to Africa," monkey sounds and such). Vince keeps his cool, and then without asking Coach runs out onto the field with Special Teams for the kick return. Once the whistle is blown, Vince runs straight for the racist kid and lays. him. out. It's awesome. The ref throws a flag, warns Coach that Vince is close to being thrown out. The South King stands are full of people with mean-spirited signs saying "Forfeit," and Coach's hair has gone from outraged to ballistic. He grabs Vince and tells him that they are not going to win by playing by the rules, so they are going to start playing by their own rules. Coach asks Vince if he understands what he's saying and Vince says yes. Coach tells him to spread the word to the rest of the team. In the huddle, Vince tells his team that if the other team wants to take it to the streets, they'll meet them there.

Snap and the Lions come out dirty and awesome. They score a bunch of touchdowns, perpetrate some late hits, talk some shit, and basically, as the announcer notes, get "a little swagger." Vince grins out on the field and the clock runs out, Lions winning 38-17. Up in the stands, Ornette has been approached by the TMU recruiter, a bit too willing to get glad-handed. The Lions celebrate out on the field. As Coach heads back into the locker room, he gets accosted by reporters asking him to comment on the 24 total penalties in the game: "Is that they style ball you're going to play this year?" Coach just laughs and says it's good talking to them, and his hair basically turns backwards and flips them the bird as he accelerates past them.

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Friday Night Lights




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