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The boys head out into a field for a party that Hastings has hooked them up with. A party in a field FULL OF HIPPIES! These little Dillon boys don't know which way to look first. So many tattoos! So many dreadlocks!

Back at the hotel. Coach is all exasperdrunktired saying he didn't like all the celebrating the boys were doing, especially not that dance that Tinker does. Buddy tells him that the boys were just having fun. Everyone is squinty and old-drunk and it is fantastic. Buddy slurs about his son playing football tonight and how bad he was. "He was awful!" Billy assures him he'll be good eventually. Coach and his hair (which is clinging to the side of his head like a man clinging to a toilet) declare that they are tired and leaving. He gathers up his bottle of bourbon; Buddy gives him a hard time for not having any fun and nursing his drink too slowly. Coach complains that he's losing all his money at cards even though he's been cheating all night, and he's going to bed, "Love you all, good night!"

Out in the field, Buddy, Jr. has found an older woman to compliment. "Um. I really like the way you're putting your lipstick on? It's like you're in a commercial." NAILED IT BUDDY, JR.! The boys are all drinking everclear, or something equally repellant. Off in a delightfully hippy Airstream, Vince has confessed to Luke about getting recruited by TMU. Luke isn't fazed, he thinks it's SO COOL that they'll both go to TMU together. They're like a team! Oh, Luke. You gotta wise up a bit son. They clink glasses and remain friends for now.

Back in Dillon. Tami whisper-confesses to Laurel how much she misses her baby girl. That raising these kids, it's just such a sense of loss. You raise this person for 18 years and then they're just gone. The phone rings and it's Coach, sitting on his bed, kind of waving back and forth. He tells her they won, she coos congratulations, he tells her abruptly, "I been drinkin" and she responds "WE have been drinkin'" Laurel laughs. And Tami laughs -- probably the best drunk laugh ever to be caught on film. Coach asks her "So what are y'all wearin?" which, hee. Tami says she has to go and Coach tells her to kiss Gracie for him. They love each other off the phone, Coach hangs up and reaches up to pat/scratch his head, his second best (after Tami) companion.

The boys sit around the campfire, just like some other Dillon, TX boys once did. Luke drunk emotes that Vince just called him his brother, and last year he punched him in the face! Luke laughs and ends up on his ass. I seriously love Drunk Luke Cafferty. And it only gets better. He spreads his love to Tinker, for trading him his pig for his girl, Becky. And then. AND THEN you guys. He does the best thing I've ever seen. He sort of drunkenly suggests that Hastings could be his brother, too, "because his hair is like--" and then makes a kind of tight-piston-firing-cow-milking gesture with his hands while saying "Brr drr brr" and then POW! explodes his hands to represent Hastings' own Coach-like expressive pate. They all laugh and then go looking for Buddy, Jr. for some love. They find him in the background, making out with the old lady. Hastings mutters something about it being "someone's mom." Luke tells them all that he would do anything for them, he would walk on fire for them. Hastings wonders if he's really serious: "All right, prove it." The camera shows us a glimpse of a bent piece of wire in Hastings' hand.

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Friday Night Lights




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