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Julie is studying in a common room when a tall lady with long dark hair marches in screeching about "Who is Julie Taylor?" Julie owns up and the woman walks up to her and slaps her. Julie's roommate pops up and gets between them. The woman says she is Alison and screeches at Julie that she is not special or the first. But that she IS a slut. Then she yells at the entire room "Julie Taylor is a slut! She is sleeping with Derek Bishop TA in the History Department and my husband! Julie Taylor is a slut!" Damn, this lady must have tenure.

Back at the campfire, Luke has a leather belt in his mouth to bit down on when he gets branded. Is this a Temple Grandin-approved procedure? He shouts, with the belt in his mouth that everyone has to do this. Buddy, Jr. is like, uh, I just joined the team! The brand sizzles Luke's skin off camera as he squeals in excitement/pain.

Commercials. The next morning, the boys sit around while Jess dresses their wounds. She is pissed. Luke keeps charming me to death, saying that the brands are badges of their pride, you know "like 'pride' [touches chest] and 'pride' [makes Lion claw motion]." Jess calls them all idiots. Hastings sits in the corner with sunglasses on. Vince sadly mansplains how sorry he is and how much he loves her. She shoots him a look of death.

Tami sits at the table with Gracie when the front door opens. She thinks it's Eric....but in walks Julie!! Tami loses her shit! She gives her a huge hug and I don't understand HOW Julie keeps her face together in this scene. I can fool most anybody in the world by putting on the correct face, but the minute I see my mom my face becomes a face telegram telling her exactly what's going on. Julie says she's just home to do some laundry. Tami will obviously take what she can get, beaming at her girl with major love.

At the hotel, the boys stagger towards the bus. Buddy gives his son a pat on the arm and Buddy, Jr keeps his shit together just long enough for Buddy to turn away, at which point the pain suffuses the kid's face. Coach tells Vince that he can ride home with his father if he wants; Vince says that this is his team, he rides with his team. They all load up, nearly leaving Buddy, Jr. who is rearranging the letters on the welcome sign to read "Hey Kingdom, How Bout that Second Coming." On the bus, everyone settles into their seats, hungover every one, young and old, a trip to remember, but just quietly now. Hastings, from the back: "Hey, Coach, we there yet?" Coach, pulls his brim down low and delivers our message: "Nope. But we're getting there. We're getting there, slowly but surely."

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Friday Night Lights




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