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Uneven Playing Field
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Looks to be a crisp fall day on the Lions field, which is covered in middle-aged men bending and measuring things. Wade, coach of the West Dillon Panthers, exposits to one of the guys that this is what they're worried about: there's 18 or 19 holes in the field, not to mention a bunch of glass buried in the ground. Smarmy villain Joe McCoy talks about the "potholes" on the field that could pop a truck tire, Buddy retorts that they don't usually drive on their football field. Traub gets serious: "We have played on this field all year and not one Lion has fallen from the pride." Grooooan. Joe McCoy smirks at the dorktasticness of the comment, and I hate being put in the same subject position as Joe "McMansion" McCoy. Buddy and Joe get into it some more, and finally the guy who seems to be in charge jumps in and recommends to Coach that he should invest in some turf to cover over the holes for Friday's game against the Panthers. But, hark! Wade has a suggestion! "How about a neutral field?" The baker's dozen of grown-ass men erupt, yelling at each other. Buddy wonders if Joe's backyard would count as "neutral" territory. Meanwhile, Coach stands off to the side, quiet; his hair is SO not bending to their level. The guy in charge-- declaring himself the conference director-- yells to shut them up. He asks Coach if he thinks he can get the field in shape; Coach speaks quietly and directly, assuring the guy that this is Saturday, the game is next Friday, the field will be in fine shape by then. The conference director, Bill, accepts his assurance.

At the Taylor's, Tami's doing a deep clean of the kitchen wearing rubber gloves while Julie pitches her on this Habitat for Humanity training program. Tami seems unconvinced, wondering if they know how old Julie is, Julie rattles off how they don't usually offer the job to someone younger than 18, but she wrote a great essay and has great recommendations, etc... Tami asks where, when, how long, and how much and Julie pauses, gulps, and let's it rip: in New Orleans in three weeks. I.e., in the middle of the school year. Tami yodels "What? No!" and Julie protests that it's "only three thousand dollars!" Tami: "Only? Honey, you're hilarious." Julie insists that she can pick up half the cost via grants, she has $500 saved, and if she passed Government, she can graduate this semester anyway. Tami: "No, no, no, and no." Julie makes a last stand, begging Tami to at least look at the brochures; Tami tells Julie to put some rubber gloves on and help her clean the stove. Damn, girl, you're going to go building other people's houses when your own's got a filthy stove top?!

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