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Uneven Playing Field

Vince gets back to his apartment and finds Jess still slumped in his doorway. He sits down next to her, she looks at him with true fear in her eyes, and he says "I didn't do it." She tears up, and they hug, both crying and desperate. Singer-songwriter music starts up as we go into a final montage.

Cut over to Landry, waiting for Jess outside of Ray's BBQ. But she's not there. Her aunt comes out and he runs over to her to give her a bike lock. She looks at Landry like he's one crazy white boy. Cut over to Billy getting led into a holding cell with Tim. Way to "be a dad for the day," Billy. They both sit in there, completely at loose ends. Billy apologizes, but Tim just sits there silent, in tears, his world crumbling down. Coach comes home to find Tami in the living room. He looks at her and tells her, with a disbelieving nod of his head, "Game's gonna be at Hermann Field." She says that she's sorry and that she knew they were talking about doing that. The phone starts ringing and Coach finally loses it, picking it up and slamming it down hard and repeatedly on the table. Tami jumps, Coach cools down and sits next to her, saying he's sorry. She tells him that she's going to make a statement. Julie comes in and asks her parents if they're okay, and you can practically see the million thoughts run through their minds before they both shrug and protect their daughter from their own pain and frustration, "Yeah, honey, it's fine, it's fine."

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Friday Night Lights




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