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Uneven Playing Field

Skeeter wiggles and whines his way up to Tim, who's working on a truck in his shop. Tim greets him sweetly, "Hey little pig! Hey buddy!" Unfortunately for me, Skeeter comes with a side of Becky, who walks in saying that her mom hates the dog even more since he reminds her of Tim. Becky also brought a bunch of Tim's stuff, including a snow globe. Becky says she never would picture him as a snow globe type; Tim mutters that his mother gave it to him. Becky practically takes her panties off at the mere mention of Tim's tortured family past. The phone rings, and Tim answers; we flip over to Mindy and Billy in a banana sack. Mindy is moaning in labor, Billy is prancing around in his tighties. Finally Mindy gets up and waddles her own way to the car, while Billy scrambles around trying to find his pants. Tim hangs up the phone and grins that he's going to become an uncle today. Billy finally finds some pants and scoots out the door.

It's a somber scene at Calvin's house, where folks are gathered to support his grieving mother. Vince gets an especially emotional hug from her, and looks about as guilty as he should be. She tells him that she wishes Calvin had been more like Vince and Vince is like "errrr....." Jess arrives and she and Vince talk out in the cluttered-with-appliances backyard. She thinks he should go to the cops, he tells her that he can't. He tells her that he has to trust her and she can't say "nothing to nobody about anything." Head Bad Guy pulls up in his Caddie of Juvenile Delinquency. Vince hops the chain-link fence to go over to him; Vince tells him that he's not getting any heat on this and when Head Bad Guy asks if he's ready for some payback, Vince says he's "down." Jess watches this all with some trepidation.

Credits. We travel through West and East Dillon, listening to Slammin Sammy Meade start taking calls from folks about the upcoming Panthers-Lions game. Eric sits at the kitchen table, going over plays, listening to one man call him a quitter and accuse him of stealing Luke Cafferty from the Panthers. Tami suggests that maybe he turn the radio off. He looks at her kind of intensely and she asks "What?" He sighs and pulls a newspaper out from under a pile of papers. She comes over and finds her picture on the front page, the headline reading "Parent calls for Principal's Dismissal." To compound it, the phone rings, she answers it and hears a hissing woman on the line saying things like "You're a baby killer Tami Taylor, you're gonna burn in hell." Tami shouts "Who is this?" before slamming the phone down.

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Friday Night Lights




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