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Uneven Playing Field

Jess walks out of her house to find Landry standing there on her front sidewalk with a new bicycle. He jokes that he's been standing there for twenty minutes perfecting his pose-- which is a Landry-tastic lean against his low riding sedan. He says that just because they're involved in a scandalous romance doesn't mean that he's forgotten about his debt to her: he owes her a bike. Jess just says "Huh" and Landry notes that this isn't the response he was looking for. Jess explains that she's just distracted; she tells him that they're on their way to church, "you know, for Calvin Brown? He got shot and he died." Landry is taken aback, he remembers Calvin, but it's clear that Landry just isn't a part of this world, with its funerals for kids and such. And to drive that point home, Jess's aunt come sashaying out the door, greets Landry with a sort of bemused detachment. She asks "You got a lock for that bike? She gonna need a lock for that bike." Landry is left muttering, realizing that there's a lot of things he hasn't thought of when it comes to Jess.

Lions field. The team is out in full force, helping lay turf. Luke Cafferty approaches Coach asking what he can do, and I am momentarily distracted by how hot he looks in his sweatpants, that he's got scrunched up just below his knees. Coach wonders where Tim Riggins is, Traub shouts that he's with Billy and Mindy, Coach wonders why Traub knows that and he doesn't. Traub: "I left you a note on your desk!" Coach: "This is gonna be a busy week, don't leave notes on my desk. If you got something to say, say it face to face." Luke is still buzzing about, like a really hot mosquito, when Coach tells him that he's not going to be practicing that week. Luke tries to protest that he can gut it out and Coach yells at him to go gut it out on the Gatorade jug. Coach storms off; Buddy is excited about how good and smooth the turf is. Luke stomps around with the empty jug and Coach goes back to him to apologize. Luke: "Appreciate that." Coach tells him that the only work he wants him to do is working on getting his hip better. He asks Luke to put down the jug and he holds out his hand for a shake. In the background, Landry is complaining about how they're just making a bigger mess of things on the field. Coach calls him over: "Lance!" and then asks him to fill the jug up.

Billy comes dervishly spinning out into the hospital parking lot, wearing one of those sterile gowns, shouting about how he's going nuts in there and they threw him out. Tim is sitting on the bed of his truck with Skeeter. Billy's sipping on a can of energy drink, and acting all raged out and Tim asks him how many he's had. Like five, and so Tim tells him he's cut off, and hands him a bottle of water. Billy struggles with the mask that hangs around his neck and rips it off. Tim laughs at his brother being in such a hysterical state.

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