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Uneven Playing Field

More Lions field preparation-- this time, they're turning the rough field at Carroll Park into a football field for practice-- laying lines, putting up goal posts. Landry jogs by Vince, who's writing an RIP for CB on his helmet. Landry stops to say he's sorry about his friend and Vince gets pissy: "You didn't even know his last name." Landry's like "Uh, Calvin Brown. And I care about my teammates, and you're my teammate, so...." He walks off and Vince, now abashed, calls his thanks after him. They circle up and Coach tries to get his kids riled up, "You pissed off?!" Tinker wants to know about this bull he's hearing on the radio about not being able to play on their own field on Friday. Coach tells him to stop worrying about what he hears on the radio and gives his kids a word of the week: "Focus." They bust out into practice, yelling and whooping.

Nighttime. A bunch of Lions are on hands and knees on what is clearly the Panthers' superior fancy field. Tinker complains about his knees, Luke tells him to shut it, he's getting this done with a busted hip. Someone; "Hey, whose idea was this anyway?" and everyone moans "Landry." Landry pops up and is like yes it was, thank you very much. He says that his idea is brilliant; if they can't practice on their field, the Panthers shouldn't be able to practice on theirs. We pull out on a long shot of the team moving incrementally down the field on hands and knees: it's unclear what the hell they're doing.

Doorbell rings and Tami finds Superintendent Paul at the door. He wants to talk, she invites him in, he asks her to just come out and talk to him on the front steps. She notes that he lives fifty miles away, so this must be important. He says that the situation is not blowing over like they hoped it would and that he thinks she should make a statement. Tami agrees, she thinks she needs to get the facts out there. Paul is glad to hear it and hands her a statement that he and the Board drew up for her to read. She takes a glance at it and realizes that it's an apology, that has her saying something about her "inappropriate conduct." Tami is on her high horse, and declares that he and the school board are being bullied. Paul finally cuts to the chase: "You'll get to keep your job." Tami wobbles up there on that horse as he explains that he does live 50 miles away and the reason that he drove so far is because he thinks she's really good at her job and he doesn't want to lose her. It seems like it's starting to sink in for Tami that that is a very real possibility. He leaves, saying that he hopes she makes the right decision.

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