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Uneven Playing Field

Commercial. Tim and Billy sit around, bored in the hospital waiting room. Billy finally gets up and says out loud, "I'm the dad, right? And it's MY baby that's trying to, to..." and Tim helpfully suggests, "Claw?" and Billy continues, "To CLAW its way out." Billy declares that he's going back in, busts past the protesting nurse and into the delivery room around the corner. Mindy shouts at him to get out but Billy yells "I'M THE DAD!" and Mindy's mom moves aside, suggesting that he help her breathe. Billy grabs Mindy's hand lovingly, but then blanches at the sight confronting him down below.

Julie and Coach leave the house to find Coach's truck all covered over with "Lions Suck!" writing. Julie wonders if he needs a ride. Coach just screws up his mouth and turns to her: "What I want from you is for you to be easy on your mother this week." Julie starts to protest, like she would never (yeah right). He tells her that if she does that for him, he will talk with her about this house building stuff. Julie says it's a deal, and Coach heads off to clean the car. We cut to Coach driving in his still smudged and graffiti-d car, listening to the radio. Some lady is saying that she just doesn't even feel SAFE bringing her family over to that part of town for the game. Slammin' Sammy tries to stop alienating his own audience, reminding her that there are a lot of good folks over in East Dillon. But this lady is worried about the gang members that they've got over there. Coach clicks off the radio.

The Panthers come running out of their locker room, like a terrible army of Mel Gibsons or something but stop short at the field. Their coach yells at them to get out on the field, but then he, and we, get a shot of what's stopping them: thousands, nay hundreds of thousands of toothpicks stuck all over the field. Wade shakes his head and is like "They're just toothpicks" and then shouts at the kids to get to work taking them out one by one. Cut over to Coach, his kids taking a knee in front of him, chuckling, "Anyone got a toothpick?" The kids all laugh and Coach tells them that he understands it took West Dillon two hours to remove all those toothpicks. Coach wonders who exactly it was behind this idea, but they all stay mum. So Coach pauses and then says "Lance? You look a bit tired today." Landry says he feels great and is ready to practice, and Coach crosses his arms, and declares that they're going to have a little fun today. His hair looks a bit mischievous though, and now we see why: they're going to have Landry kick 40-yard field goals, and until he makes one of those, they're going to run "jingle jangles." Landry's face is not longer as self-satisfied as he realizes that he's getting a kick in the keister for his "clever" idea. He lines up and makes his first kick-- which misses, and the kids moan and start running lines.

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Friday Night Lights




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