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Tami is in a lawyer's office, at the tail end of her explanation of how VERY much not in the wrong she is. He tells her that she would have a really good wrongful termination suit, that he's almost positive they'd win. Tami is wide-eyed with this unexpected good news. But....oh, yes there is a "but." He tells her that cases like this can take a long time, like years. And that maybe they could get her reinstated at the end of it, but probably not. Add to that the fact that she'll have a hard time finding employment anywhere while the case drags on, and...Tami quietly protests, "But, my record is exemplary." The lawyer tells her that he understands that, but "there's law....and there's life."

Tim paces the hospital waiting room when Mindy's mom comes out, here hair in a seriously crazy Annie perm. She says "Hey, Uncle Tim!" and he goes to her in excitement. They head back to the room, Tim wondering if BILLY made it through okay, heh. FNL guitar strings of family and love and life play as he comes in to find Billy and Mindy and their new baby boy all blissed out and for the moment not thinking about how the father is a felon and the mother an ex-stripper. Billy introduces Tim to his nephew: "This is Stephen Hannibal Riggins."

Tami pulls out of her school parking lot, and at the exit is greeted by a gyrating horde of crazy anti-choice protestors. They hold placards and scream shouts at her and Tami, in her car just pleads out of their hearing "C'mon, y'all. C'mon now." She makes it through the horde, and hits the gas as she heads out onto the road. Back at home, the three Taylors dish out dinner at the table. Coach wonders "where's the meat" and Julie says "I don't cook flesh, dad." Tami tells her husband that their lovely daughter made them dinner that night. Coach says a meatless thank you, and Tami changes the subject to the "toothpick thing" that got everybody in an uproar over at West Dillon. Coach mutters that it was just kids being kids and then asks her what the lawyer had to say. Tami doesn't seem to want to talk about it, Coach pushes her a little, and she asks if they can just not talk about it. The phone starts ringing and nobody moves. Julie wonders if she should get it, and finally Coach gets up. He answers to hear someone shouting "LIONS SUCK" and Coach plasters a big smile on his face, laughs and then tells the guy to go to hell. Taylor family: it's called an unlisted number. Get one.

At Ray's BBQ, Vince works the grill. Jess brings Landry some brisket and then hands him her iPod, saying that she made him a playlist to practice to. Landry grins and wonders if it's slow jams. She laughs, but turns serious when she sees Head Bad Guy tool up in his Caddie of Death and Despair. HBG gets out of the car and comes over to Vince at the grill. HBG tells Vince that "I found him." The guy is laying low, hiding in a town two hours away. HBG announces "Tomorrow night. You in?" and Vince tells him that he's in. Meanwhile in the background, Landry presses play on his playlist and kind of overly loudly says that all he hears is crowd noise. Jess explains it's for practice, to get the feel of a game. She gives him a peck on the cheek and leaves; his friends and teammates all tease him with "Awwws" as she leaves. Landry teases them back telling them that jealousy is an ugly thing as they get up to leave. Vince calls Landry back for a minute. Vince basically starts saying his goodbyes: he tells Landry that he's a good dude, and Jess deserves the best. "Make her happy man."

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