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Uneven Playing Field

Nighttime. Three pick-up trucks bust through the locked chain link fence surrounding the Lions field and accelerate onto the newly laid turf. The trucks spin and slide and basically do some serious damage to the field. Thinking that level of destruction isn't enough, some unidentifiable kids attach chains to the goal posts and pull them down with the trucks, dragging them along the ruined field. I think there is a lesson in global diplomacy somewhere in here; i.e. toothpicks need not be met with nuclear weapons.

Tim and Billy lean over the crib watching little Stephen. Tim can't believe this little being can get away with all this sleeping. The little baby makes a little winky face and they giggle. Billy asks if Tim is ready to ride into work together, but Tim tells him to stay home and be a dad for the day, assuring his older brother that he can handle fixing the cars today. Tim tells Stephen to "Keep your guard up little man. Stay angry." As Tim leaves he turns to Billy and says (and I cringe) "Hey. You did good." He leaves and Billy talks softly to his son, "You're not angry are you, Stevie. You love your daddy don't ya?" Tim stands just outside the door, listening and continuing to slightly annoy me with all this White Knight, God and Family crap. But, sigh. I cannot stay angry at Tim Riggins for long.

The Lions destroyed field. The police are out there, assuring Buddy and Coach and Principal Levi that they'll put a bunch of men on this. Buddy declares this is Panther work, but the policeman doesn't want to jump to conclusions. Coach instructs Traub to get the kids on a bus to Carroll Park for practice.

Commercials. Coach surveys the damaged field from the bleachers when his cell phone rings. It's Tami and he wants to know if she's heard about what's happened over there. She's in her office with Coach Wade, and puts Eric on speaker. Wade assures Coach that if any of his players had anything to do with this, he'll suspend them from the team, they won't play on Friday. Coach says he appreciates it, but Wade moves on to the next thing: how bad is the damage to the field, and does the Conference Director need to know about this? Coach tells him to buzz off for an hour, he wants to talk to his wife for a bit. Wade shuts it and leaves, Tami takes Eric off speaker, and asks him "Hey babe, how you holding up?" Eric tells her that he is not playing on a fair field, and she says that makes two of them. The Taylors are beaten the eff down, you guys.

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