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Tim and Becky wander around his American Dream property. Tim tells her that he never thought he'd say this, but he feels like he's figured it out, you know? Becky: "Figured out....?" and Tim tells her "Life! You know, this! Owning this land, and Billy, and his son, and the shop doing as well as it is, it's just so....I'm happy. And I can honestly say that." STRIKE YOU DOWN WHERE YOU STAND TIM RIGGINS. Real Americans are never allowed to be happy. Tim stands around saying "Thank you" to the universe (please, you are KILLING me; are you going to start talking about "blessings" next?!) when Becky looks at him and says "Tim, I love you." He looks at her and tells her that they can't do this. And now, that makes THREE times I have watched the same exact scene between the two of them.

Vince answers a knock on the door, clearly thinking it's Head Bad Guy coming to get him for murdah. But it's Jess, who's about to murder Vince if he goes off to murder the guy who murdered Calvin (you guys, between the last paragraph and this one, I went and had a few beers.) But Head Bad Guy is actually down on the street honking for Vince to come on out for the murder party. Jess is pretty much speechless with terror, a lot of "Nu unh, Vince, nu unh, no Vince no" for a while. She wonders if he thinks she's stupid. Meanwhile, Vince is getting his gun from his underpants drawer and Jess and grabbing him by the jacket yelling at him. Vince tells her that she's got a good guy, and Jess starts yelling that, oh yeah, that's what he thinks, that Landry's such a good guy, and Vince is such a bad one. Vince shoves her against the wall and pounds his fists beside her, "That's EXACTLY what I am, I am a MONSTER. I'm that guy." He knocks her out of the way on his way out to Head Bad Guy's Caddie Carnival of Death. Jess sinks to the ground outside his apartment.

Tim is fixing cars. Which is obvious to anyone who knows that fixing cars = air guitaring while drinking Budweiser. So now Tim is not only insufferably earnest and REAL AMERICAN, but he is also given to air guitaring? I don't know you guys. This episode is doing some serious damage to my Tim Riggins shrine. He takes a load off for a minute, kicks his shit-kickers up on the fender and takes a swig....just when he realizes that there are police lights cycling outside the shop. An officer comes in and asks if he's "Tim Riggins, 33? The football star?" Tim honestly says "Used to be"-- and, gee, what I wouldn't have given for more of a storyline about how Tim Riggins is coming to terms with that "used to be" part of his identity, rather than all this American Dream/White Knight shit. So the officer asks what he's been doing in there and Tim lies, "Just fixing cars, sir." Another officer walks in and says that he needs to ask Tim some questions about some missing cars.

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Friday Night Lights




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