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Uneven Playing Field

Head Bad Guy wonders if Vince has ever fired a sawed-off shotgun. He tells Vince that his father used to carry one and that Vince's pops was a thug, "You cross him you best believe you was gonna get got." Is this 1992? I feel like this dialogue is lifted straight from Boyz N Da Hood. Anyway, apparently Vince's dad always used to say that Vince didn't have any gangster in him. They stop under an overpass at a red light. Head Bad Guy tells Vince to take a drink and steel his nerves. Vince takes a swig while HBG goes over the plan about how they'll flush the guy out the backdoor where Vince will be waiting for the guy, and "pow! That's payback, son." But when HBG starts talking money, about how they'll split up what they find 50/50, Vince really starts having second thoughts. The light turns green, and Vince gets out of the car. HBG gets out and starts yelling at Vince to get his ass back in the car. He fires a shot off to the side of Vince, who keeps walking. HBG tries to tell him that there's not walking away from this, that he's acting like a little bitch. Vince turns to face his tormentor and tells HBG that his momma is not supposed to bury him, he's supposed to bury his momma. HBG holds the gun to his forehead and tells him that he's going to get killed if he doesn't get back in the car. Vince calls his bluff and tells him to do what he has to do. HBG hauls off and pistol-whips Vince who falls to the ground. HBG: "Your old man was right, you ain't nothing but a soft-ass little boy." He heads back to the car and yells at him that this is far from over, "I got you! I got you, you little bitch." HBG drives off, leaving Vince in the middle of the road, screaming soundlessly, and writhing in pain and confusion.

Commercials. Meeting between the Lions and the Panthers at the coffee shop. The police still haven't figured out who did the damage to the Lions' field, they're still in the process of checking every truck in town out. Joe butts in and says that every parent of a kid on the team has been contacted, and every player is accounted for: "This was not retaliation." Buddy is like "Retaliation?" and Joe is like "For the toothpicks?" and Buddy is like "Yeah, that's a prank, did you even see what you did to our field?" And at that, all the grown men around the table except for Coach and Wade start shouting at and accusing one another. The conference director bangs a bottle of hot sauce on the table and shouts for them to quiet down. The camera swings around and we see that hordes of people have gathered outside the coffee shop and are pressed up against the window, doing their own shouting and pleading and accusing. Inside the shop, the conference director reminds them all that this "is just a football game." Which finally makes Coach Taylor speak up: "Hey, you know what? My family has been receiving threatening phone calls all night, my home has been vandalized, and my field has been destroyed, so don't patronize us and tell us this is just a football game." The director apologizes and says he's just going to cut to the chase. He's spent the last 24 hours on the phone talking to every school in the area, but with the short notice and the Thanksgiving holiday, they couldn't find a neutral site. "But, there is a proposal from West Dillon...." Assistant Coach for the Lions stands up and is like "You have got to be kidding me, this is OUR home game" and the table erupts once again. But you can see in Coach Taylor's dejected shoulders and very UNsassy hair that the fight is already over.

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