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From those two young stallions we cut over to...Mac, his be-khaki'd legs thrust up on Coach's desk as they talk game strategy. Ew. Smash knocks on the door and asks Coach, with trepidation, to talk. Mac gets up and leaves; Smash hands a letter over to Coach. It's from TMU, and it says that they're revoking his scholarship. Smash's breath catches as he explains that it's because of the Board's decision, which says that he has "questionable character." Oh, I just can't suspend belief enough. All he did was punch another kid in the movie theater. What high school football player in the history of the universe hasn't gotten into a fight at a move theater? There just isn't any way that he would be suspended, let alone defrocked. It's just too bad that they have to have Smash's downward trajectory hinged on such a weak premise. If they hadn't just disposed of the steroid issue last season, it could have really paid off in a long arc here.

Dita is driving a drunk Matt to the hospital. He's on the cell phone, yell-slurring his grandmother's name at the hospital staff, who appear to not know what he's talking about. He explains that the hospital left him a bunch of voice messages and tells them he's on his way. He hangs up and exposits that Grandma hit her head getting out of bed, and apologizes for pulling Dita away from her customers. She's sweet and tells him that it's all cool.

Landry and Jean leave the Alamo Draft House -- and one might note that in the background, the marquis not only lists the special showing of Jaws that Landry and Jean attended, but also Peter Berg's middling The Kingdom, which I really don't think would ever get shown at the film nerd Alamo. (Now The Rundown would be another story; there's nothing not to like in that film, the perfection of The Rock just amplified by the jaw-dropping story Peter Berg tells about location-scouting for it on an episode of Dinner for Five. Do you respect me less now that I let you in on my love for The Rundown? Well, I didn't want to be friends with you anyway.) Landry is in full-on Landry mode, telling Jean that he suffers from a disease called "slack-a-phobia, fear of sharks." Jean teases him back, pretending to tell a scary story about shark attacks, when Tyra interrupts them by appearing out of nowhere like an seven-foot-tall vision of awesome. She pretends like she was at the movie for a second and then asks Landry to talk. Jean sort of sadly lets them walk over to the side. Tyra just launches into it, telling Landry that she likes him and wants to give this a shot. Landry is sort of impassive; he asks incredulously if that's what she came to tell him. She says yes and Landry is like, "I'm on a date, Tyra." He says that he's with a girl that isn't embarrassed to be seen with him, when last time he checked, Tyra sort of was. Tyra tells him that he's not being fair, reminding him how they got together under messed-up circumstances, that she was scared and confused then. But she isn't now. Landry is at a loss for words and just repeats that he's on a date. Tyra, embarrassed, with tears in her eyes, turns and leaves, apologizing. Landry goes back to Jean, who runs up to him and kisses him on the mouth. She's got spunk, that little troll!

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