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Credits. All the football players are gathered together waiting for some sort of meeting. The Galoot jaws on about how they'll never get to the playoffs without Smash. Tim snaps at him, saying that the whining doesn't help. Some random dude turns to Smash and sarcastically thanks him for what he's done. Smash starts to defend himself when Matt jumps in to say "shut up." Then Smash starts to thank him, but then Matt goes off on Smash, telling him to shut up, too; he doesn't need to always talk. Coach comes in and starts it off. He tells them matter-of-factly that Smash is suspended, and then tells them this is a test of how they'll stand up to adversity. Matt Saracen is performing some seriously gymnastic eye-rolls during all this. Coach continues, something about riding assets to the playoffs. He says that their success will begin with the team captains, and then fixes his glance on Matt: "What the hell happened to you?" Matt has some grease smudges on his face, but more importantly, he looks miserable. Coach tells him that he looks like hell and then turns his attention back to telling the boys how to win on Friday.

Art class. Dillon High has a surprisingly swank art classroom. My old high school -- some sort of Blue-Chip Fancy Show-The-Computer-Labs-Off-To-The-Senators type -- basically had an itinerant lady in bad ikat prints pushing a cart of craft paper down the hallway. The art teacher wants to discuss the still-life drawings displayed at the front of the room. She calls on Matt, telling him he can comment on his own drawing or someone else's. Matt just sullenly says that they're okay. She pushes him to analyze the composition and accuracy of the drawings. He just repeats, "They're all okay." She tries again, saying that art is more than just the work; you have to be able to discuss why things are successful or not. She asks if he thinks he was successful in his drawing. He pouts a yes. She asks why, and he says, "Because I can tell it's a vase and I can tell that there's flowers in it." The teacher gives up and says she wants him to work harder on his critiques in the future. She turns away from him and he mutters, "Bitch." Other students exclaim quietly and she whips back around, asking him what he sad. Matt sits up in his chair and says that his critique is that they're drawing a bunch of sad, stupid pictures of sad, stupid flowers. "Oh, and I said 'bitch.'"

Hallway. Landry spots Matt and tells him that they've got Spanish class in diez minutos. Matt doesn't even turn around and just keeps marching out the door, saying "screw it." Landry watches him go.

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Friday Night Lights




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