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Over near the gym, a tiny ringer-tee-clad Jean inserts herself right in front of the six-foot-tall, wife-beater-wearing Tyra. It looks hilarious. Tyra sort of bobs and weaves, trying to get around the cute, tiny schlub, who just mirrors her movements and reminds her, "It's Jean!" Jean says she doesn't want this to be weird. Tyra doesn't get what she wants. Jean comes out and says it: "Are you a friend or are you competition?" The realization slowly comes across Tyra's face and she sort of fake laughs it off: "Oh my God, are you talking about Landry?" Jean says she likes him, but she's not blind; she sees the way he looks at Tyra. Tyra says that they're just friends and Jean replies, "Good. Cuz I'm telling you I like him." Tyra tells her that's great and then hightails it into practice, her brow sort of furrowed up in vulnerable confusion.

Football practice. Coach realizes Saracen isn't on the field and then exposits to Mac, "How's Lance doin' with that knee?" Mac tells him he's out for a while and then the exposition continues, Coach wondering how he did it, and Mac chuckling that he tripped over a curb. I wonder if the writers had plans for Landry's football arc before Jesse Plemons tore up his knee? Coach walks toward Smash, who we realize is the one who has been leading the team in their warm-up. Coach instructs Riggins to take over, and Smash quickly tries to excuse his presence, saying he knows he's suspended, but he just couldn't stand not suiting up. Coach tells him he appreciates it, but he needs to work the team without Smash. Smash leaves to go lift weights. Mac comes back on the field and tells Coach that Saracen isn't there. Landry told him that Matt is home, sick. Coach mutters to himself, "Landry, Saracen, Smash," and then calls his team over, telling them that Brooks and Weston are in for Smash and Saracen. The boys form up while Buddy vultures down on Coach: "Brooks in for Smash? Brooks for Smash?" Coach waves him off with one super-annoyed flick of the wrist.

After practice, Landry limps out into the parking lot. Jean runs up to him and tells him that she found the mother lode: Mystery Science Theater 3000 videos on YouTube. There's like fifty of them! She giggles very cutely, and Landry teases that she shouldn't be messing with him like that. She reaches out and sort of straightens his collar very sweetly. He laughs and wonders if they should stretch the experience out. Jean says they have to watch them one after the other, in some sort of order, whatever kind of order, alphabetical, length, whatever. Meanwhile, Tyra has walked up to her truck and thrown her volleyball gear in the bed. The camera swings around and shows us the giggle pair, Landry and Jean, from her perspective, then back around to Landry and Jean, showing us the displeasure on her face.

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