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I Pity The Fool

The Taylors'. Tami is talking some other kind of language, something about backslides and setting it up high and inside. I barely have a handle on the football words; please don't make me learn volleyball ones, too. Tyra tells Tami not to say she heard it from her, but the girl Tami's complaining about -- Katherine -- isn't going to ever set Megan up. She explains that it's because Megan has started dating Katherine's ex, Jimbo. Julie, meanwhile, has been sort of lurking in the background and blurts out, "Well, dinner was really good!" Tami thanks her. The girls continue milling about in the kitchen helping clean up, and Tyra asks if she can ask "Mrs. T." a question. Tami replies, "I pity the fool who doesn't!" (And yes, I've been saving up that Mrs. T. joke for a while.) She asks if she's crazy for feeling jealous of another girl liking Landry Clarke. Tami stutters -- "Landry? Lance Landry Clarke?" Julie is moping around in the background, like Tyra's little depressive daemon. Tami is clearly taken aback by the prospect of Tyra and Landry in the same room together. She asks if Tyra likes Landry, and Tyra evades the question, just saying that this girl Jean asked her permission and she doesn't know why it's affecting her so much. Tami just "mmm hmmm"s and then launches into a story, saying she had her own Landry back in the day; his name was Scott Hunter and he was real nerdy. Julie pipes up, telling her mom that Tyra doesn't need to hear this, but Tami keeps plowing right along. Cut over to Eric, sitting in the living room craning his neck back and clearly understanding in one glance what's going on with Julie. Which is nice and all, but I'd rather have my husband in the kitchen helping with the dishes than sitting off to the side looking on all wise and shit.

Tami keeps telling her story, saying that it felt good to have a nerd like her so much -- sing it, sister! -- so she let it go on for a while, but then realized that it wasn't fair, that the kind thing to do would be to let him go. This is so totally not Tyra's situation, but I love that Tami (and the world) would assume as much. Eric calls in from in front of the TV that what Tami's trying to say is that good guys always finish last. Tami, in her sweet, insincere sing-song, says that's not what she's trying to say: "Cuz look at you, hunny, you finished first, didn't you?" They continue to banter, and Julie pipes up again, this time to ask Tyra if she wants to go do their pre-calc together. Tyra says that she has to get going. Julie looks hurt, and then more hurt when Tami really goes for it, telling Tyra how great she's doing in volleyball. Coach watches Julie watching her mom, like, totally not love her, waaaaah! It is odd to have these three females together, because Tyra and Tami seem so much more like peers, it's hard to keep the belief suspended about Tyra being in high school.

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Friday Night Lights




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