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Tami and Coach drive along with little Gracie in the backseat, looking around with those wide eyes like somebody is pinching her toes real hard. Is someone pinching her toes real hard? Is that why they film in Texas, so they can pinch baby toes and get a look like that out of a baby? Tami small-talks that she and Eric should take a vacation, just the two of them, now that Gracie is getting a little older. This lady must be smoking something. That baby looks about as capable of getting along in life as Mike Huckabee. Coach reminds Tami that they've been talking about taking that vacation for sixteen years. They talk about volleyball, Tami waxing on about how nice it is to coach, how satisfying to have some teenaged girls actually listen to her for a change. Coach asks if she realizes that Julie is a little envious of the volleyball situation. Tami doesn't know what he's talking about, saying that Julie hates volleyball. Coach just tells her to keep in mind how sensitive Julie is, and Tami's voice goes a little deeper: "Please. Who knows how sensitive our dear daughter is more than me?" Such perfect delivery. Tami thinks Coach is crazy and that's the end of that conversation.

Bad-boy garage music. Saracen saunters toward some motorcycles, a sleek red number really catching his eye. The dealer approaches immediately, telling Matt that if he feels like grabbing the world by the berries and lighting it on fire, that's just the cycle for him. I don't get that metaphor. The world has balls? That you could literally grab? And then that you would then set on fire? Matt says the bike is out of his price range, but the perverted bike salesman keeps trying to force Matt to imagine the bike as some sort of abstractly sexualized object. Lots of talk about "feeding her right" and "never getting off." Perverto goes to get the keys so that he can come back and make some more insinuations about the area between Matt's legs (possibly utilizing the word "purr" in doing so) when Tim Riggins passes by in his truck. Matt realizes he's caught. Tim Riggins comments on Matt skipping school, Matt trying to be all hard-ass in saying that "yesterday just turned into today." Whatever, James Dean. I think you got confused when you were at the store buying your grandma's Jimmy Deans. Matt asks Tim what his deal is, and Tim answers (like the ultimate, authentic bad-ass he actually is), "Oh, I always skip Wednesdays." Hee. Matt asks what he's doing, and Tim snarks that he was thinking about hitting the museum (ha! like Dillon has one!), the library, then yoga. But "then again, I might just do the usz." Cue wacky guitars, and then Timmy: "Wanna go for a beer?"

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Friday Night Lights




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