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I Pity The Fool
Cut over to the bar, where Matt looks positively goofy with beer. He wonders how Tim knew they wouldn't get carded there. Tim says that Charlie is old school and then raises his mug in Charlie's direction. Charlie rolls his eyes in response. Matt giggles. Tim tells Matt that Coach was rattled at his absence yesterday, and then asks if he's going to practice today. Matt says he's not, that he's not done being dumped. Then he gets animated, saying that what was good about being dumped by Car-LOW-ta was that she just left a note on the pillow and left the country, "like the break-up fairy." Tim watches Matt chug the rest of his beer and then immediately refill from the pitcher. He snarks, "You want a funnel, or...?" Matt doesn't heed sarcasm when drunk, telling Tim that he wants to be more like him. Matt says that with Smash off the team, the season is over, but that Tim is fine. He's always even-keeled, he says. That's what Matt wants, to be "even keel. Always." Meanwhile, Tim has caught a glance of Lyla and The Nordic Breeze arriving at the bar for a chaste lunch. Uh oh, man overboard! But really, I just want to punch those two right in their crucifixes. Tim says, "Look at these two bible-thumpers. They come here for lunch every day. Isn't that sad?" He gets up to go over there and sully their auras with his presence. Lyla looks like she is being visited by Methuselah himself. Tim plants his feet and takes a swig of beer, and The Nordic Breeze asks if he can help him, and Tim introduces himself and then tells him that he's got great hair. Oh. My. Lord. Lyla hisses at him but he continues, telling Chris that he loved his sermon the other night. Chris, all bathed in the annoying light of the Lord, leans back and tells Tim he should come back any time. Tim turns his attention to Lyla and says she looks great, then tells them that they look great together. He announces that they've got a pitcher if they're interested. That dorky slip -- getting all barrel-chested over having a pitcher -- is like one of the only age-appropriate things Tim Riggins has ever done. From across the way, Matt raises his mug to them and says, "Shalom!" Tim mutters, "Bye, Garrity," turns on his heel, grabs Matt, and tells him they're going to practice. Matt says he can't and Tim sort of shouts, overly loud, for him to chug some water and eat corn nuts for the breath. Lyla looks like she's going to either cry or sing that annoying "This Little Light of Mine" song.

Tami looks like she could use the Lord right about now. She's in the car with Julie driving. Tami is super-nervous and way too narrate-y. She asks Julie if she wants to play on the volleyball team. Julie laughs, and Tami says she just wanted to check in about it. They are so totally not on the same wavelength. Julie makes a snarky comment about their uniforms, which Tami bristles at, so then Julie tries to temper her comments by saying that volleyball just isn't her thing. Tami nervously tells her that a red light is coming up and to ease into the stop, ease into the stop. Julie, of course, slams on the brakes, and they jerk to a halt. Tami just says, "Well, okay. We're gonna work on that. We're gonna work on that."

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Friday Night Lights




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