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Football practice. Matt is drunkenly slurring plays in the huddle. They form up, and Matt gets grabby on The Galoot's backside. Now that's the kind of sentence I look forward to writing while recapping The Gauntlet III. Coach tells them to stop fucking around. They form back up, but Matt breaks away and starts calling another play. "Red! Do the Omaha thing! The red thing!" Tim tries to rein him in, but he keeps reeling about. When the ball finally gets snapped, it just hits Matt right in his doofus face. Coach calls him over, where Matt just grins goofily. Coach tells him to quit smiling; Matt tries to excuse himself, saying he's had a rough day and was just trying to have some fun. Coach looks at him with his Father-Figure Death Ray eyes and tells him to get it together and get back out there. Matt cowers in front of Kyle Chandler like a puppy and runs back out on the field. Mac leans over and asks Eric, "Do you smell that?" and Eric replies -- all flint and steel -- "No, I don't."

Landry might as well be talking to himself, at a table with Matt in the cafeteria. He's musing about how cool Jean is, how she's really like a "film scholar," while Matt rests his head on a crumpled-up sweatshirt cradled in the crook of his arm, listlessly picking at the food on his tray. Landry is trying to figure out if he should bring her Jean Wrath of Khan or Jaws. Matt doesn't think it matters, but Landry corrects him, declaring that this choice will determine whether Jean will "pass through those velvet ropes to becoming my girl." Landry notices that Matt looks like he's about to throw up and then starts lecturing him about dehydration. Smash comes and sits down with them. Matt rouses himself from the pounding of his own head to pound on Smash a little, responding to Smash's rhetorical "What's going on?" by whining that what's going on is that they are about to be the first team in the history of the world to win the state championship one year and not make the playoffs the next. "All thanks to one Brian 'Smash' Williams." That is low, Matty. It's really the fault of the writes, blue-staters who just couldn't resist a calculated racism plot. Smash doesn't get mad, and tells Matt that it's up to him to get the team through to the playoffs. Landry pipes up to tell Smash that on top of it all, Matt ditched school to hang out with Tim Riggins. Smash furrows his brow and asks Matt if Tim is his new role model. Matt tells them both to shut up; his voice so gravelly with a hangover that my mouth turns to cotton in sympathy. Landry tells Matt that's he just doesn't want to see him turn into an at-risk youth. And with that, Matt gets up and leaves. Landry keeps talking and talking at him and we hear Matt say off-screen, "Oh my god, just stop talking." It is such a perfect interaction, one wonders why Matt and Landry didn't share the screen for like ten episodes this season. Once Matt is gone, Landry turns to Smash and asks him what he thinks, Wrath of Khan or Jaws? Smash, without a word, just picks up his tray and leaves.

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Friday Night Lights




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