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I Pity The Fool
Volleyball game. Tall girls + short-shorts = LOVE! There's not really much to say, except that Tami is on the sidelines yelling her volleyball words while Tyra is stalking the net, blocking like a mofo and then turning around to celebrate with her hapless teammates. Very cute. Last point, Tyra comes through with a block, the girls circle up and squeal and jump, and Tami tells them how proud she is of them: "I knew y'all could do it!" She invites them all to her house to celebrate. Cut over to the Taylors', where Tami slings ice cream sundaes while the girls play with Gracie and dance around. Tyra's looking at a photo album; Tami sits down next to her on the couch as Tyra teases, "Mrs. T, you had a mullet." Tami grunts, "I pity the fool who doesn't appreciate a mullet!" (Not really.) They continue gabbing and laughing as Julie comes home, a total sourpuss. She pauses in the hallway, looking in on all the girls dancing and having a good time, and just yells out, "Thanks!" and then storms into her room. Tami follows her and steamrolls right into the middle of the tragedy, telling Julie that she knows that her coaching might be cutting into their time together, but they are going to have to learn to deal with the situation without Julie coming in and slamming around. Julie takes a breath and plays the card she's been holding onto with such delicious spite: "I'm sorry if I just believe a mom when she says she'll meet me at the DMV." Tami's face falls, and she just says she's sorry over and over. She bends down to hug Julie, who clearly isn't having it; when Tami pulls away, Julie just snarks about how she guesses she just needs to work on her jealousy issues. ["It's her manners want some working on." -- Sars]

Cut to Tami pulling into the parking lot of the DMV. Tami runs to the door, which a man has just locked behind him. He tells her, as he's about to get into his car, that they're closed. Tami says she's sure they're supposed to be open for ten more minutes and then starts begging. She tells the man that her daughter missed an appointment, and that it was totally her fault. The man is just trying to get away from her, saying he realizes that the situation is important but she'll just have to come back tomorrow. Tami pleads with him, saying that she's let her daughter down and if she doesn't redeem herself now, she might not get her to trust her again for a while. She asks the man if he has any kids, and the man relents. As any human being must when confronted by The Force. He says Julie can take the driving test today. Tami thanks him and bubbles, "Hey, do you like the Panthers?" The cranky old sweater vest says that he hates football, and Tami wisely decides to keep their affiliation to herself. Julie hops out of the car and tries to shake the man's hand, which he refuses. Those two details -- the man hating football, and taking his position as driving test administrator so seriously (no fraternizing with the candidates!) -- are so perfect, with two economical strokes building a history (Dillon High outcast, not too bright, settled into bureaucratic job with ease) for this minor character.

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