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Lyla looks glumly out of the window of a cab threading its way through a small Mexican town. She gets dropped off at Tim and Jason's hotel, tells the cabbie GRASS-EE-ASS and then walks up the stairs of the hotel. She's wearing a really cute white sundress and cowboy boots. She asks for Tim Riggins, but the desk guy just shakes his head, uncomprehending. So then Lyla tries out her Mexican-accented English to see if he understands that version of 'Merican. "Wheelchair-o? Noo legs?" she asks in Taco Bell. Jason wheels down the hallway and saves her from continuing this charade of worldliness and is totally surprised to see her. Lyla is surprised that Tim didn't tell Jason she was coming. Jason is pissed: "What the hell are you? The Christian Coalition?" They both yell down the hall at Tim, who wanders out of his room and ignores their pissiness, looking at Lyla with relief: "You made it!"

Eric is talking football shop to Tami as she gets ready for bed. She listens dutifully, obviously tired and bored, and then turns around and wonders "What's with the candles? Where's the baby?" Eric is leaning against a tall dresser, having flipped on some mood music and tells her that the baby is asleep in the other room. He inquires quietly and completely transparently how everything went at the doctor's today. Tami looks at him blankly, "Aren't you sweet to ask about little ole me." But Eric has a number of tricks in his back, I mean on top of his head. He gives his wife a little half-smile and asks if she got "the, uh, green light?" Tami plays dumb, so Eric makes his way over to her, turning off the lamps on the way, remembering how when Julie was born they got "the, uh, green light." Tami thinks it's amazing that he remembers such a tidbit. Honey, men always remember the tidbits that are related to their tidbits. Tami is leaning against the wall in her comfy clothes and asks her husband what he's thinking. Eric has grabbed her hands in his and starts sort of gesturing around with her arms, which she leaves as limp as she hopes his tidbits will stay. Eric tries to tell her he's only thinking about how long it's been for her, that he's just thinking about "together time. Together time. Together time." Tami tells him that the best together time she can think of is him and Gracie, then gives him a pillow and a blanket and asks him to sleep out with his daughter. Eric protests and protests until Tami makes things crystal clear: "I don't want to, honey."

Credits. Tim, Lyla, and Jason walk around while Jason regales Lyla with the story of how Tim got thrown in jail the other night. Lyla furrows her brow, wondering when they're going to get to the tortured, emotional part of the storyline.

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Friday Night Lights




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