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Mac finds Eric dozing on the couch in his office. He sits down and asks if everything's all right at home. "You know, new baby can be a son-a-bitch sometimes." I smell a new Johnson & Johnson tagline! "New babies: Total Assholes." Mac continues shoveling sunflower seeds into his maw and asks if Eric and Tami are "back in the saddle again." Kyle Chandler's face is priceless here. Mac tells Eric that what he did when he had a new baby was give his wife a night out with the girls, away from the baby. She had a couple drinks and then: "Boom. Back in the saddle." This whole metaphor is so confusing. You're doing it while both in a saddle? On a moving horse? Or is one person the saddle, the other one the rider? That's odd, imagining your partner as an inanimate leather object. Furthermore, if someone's the saddle, the other the rider,who is the horse? My ruminations are thankfully cut short when Eric tells Mac to not ever again tell him anything about him, Susan, and the saddle. Mac nods, and then advises Coach to bring some flowers home. "Susan likes the tulips."

Landry and Tyra. They're in their usual spot on schoolgrounds discussing their murderous rampage somewhat loudly. Tyra is telling him about how the police called her in only to show that they didn't make any connection between her and the dead body. Landry thinks this is great and is very zen about it all. But now Tyra is the one who is all worked up over whether they're going to get caught. I find it odd that some of the reasoning behind this plot point had to do with Jesse Plemmons's and Adrianne Palicki's acting chops when this entire storyline just repeatedly puts them into one situation that allows exhibition of exactly two emotions: freaking out or not freaking out. Way to capitalize on their acting capabilities, show! And we hear, again, that Tyra just couldn't handle it if Landry went to jail because of her. Yawn.

Police station. Landry's dad walks down the hall fielding compliments from other officers on his son's rumored good performances in football practice. He walks into an office where two detectives are discussing someone with a long rap sheet: truancy, drunkenness, stripper sister, et cetera. We get a glimpse of the file, and it's Tyra's. Landry's dad asks why they've got her file, and the detectives explain that their murder victim tried to rape her eight months ago (it was actually longer than that, given Tami's pregnancy and all). She's not a suspect but a "person of interest."

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