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Mexico. Lyla has decided that her cute boots are made for walkin' and she's about to hop into a cab to take her back to the airport. Tim runs after her, and she tells him that she's leaving because he and Jason just think this whole thing is a big joke. All they've done is go to whorehouses and karaoke bars. Tim: "Yeah. What else do you do in Mexico?" Lyla doesn't think Tim has a plan for how to get Jason to not have the surgery. I have a plan: grab his wheelchair and wheel him in the other direction. Teens are always making things so much more complicated (and sexy) than they need to be. Instead of taking my advice, though, Tim has his own plan: a booze cruise. Lyla goes ballistic, wondering whether Tim thinks a booze cruise is the best thing to do for a friend who's about to make the biggest mistake of his life. Tim: "Kinda sorta." I like the way Tim's brain works. Slowly and hotly. Anyway, they go on and on, arguing about who is a better friend to Jason but it's hard to listen to either them because they are both oiled up in hot Mexican sweat. Tim tells Lyla that he sinks a little more every day (drowning spoiler!) and he's a better Christian than she is, and she agrees to stay for the intervention. Then Tim asks her for some money to help pay for it.

Eric is frying up bacon and pancakes when Tami comes out of the bedroom. She exclaims very cutely over this nice gesture, especially because he did all the wake-ups with Grace the night before and got tulips for her. Oh, Coach. She wants to know where her husband went. Eric tells her that he is "a man taking care of his wife" and then tells her about all the changes that are going to happen around there. She wonders what sort of changes and he directs her attention to a "chart" he made, which is basically some scrawling on a piece of lined paper ripped from a spiral-bound notebook and pasted to the wall. I mean, it's not even perforated paper, so it has all those little fringe-y things on the side. That detail is so awesome. The chart informs him that on Wednesday nights, book club happens. Tami screws up her face and tells him she doesn't want to go to book club. "Those ladies are crazy." But Eric tells her she is going to go to relax, have some wine and have a good time. She seems convinced but wary as he then declares, "Man takes care of his wife."

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Friday Night Lights




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