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Landry and Tyra say goodbye to one another at his front door after a study session. They joke about using trigonometry in the real world; Landry says that she doesn't know, maybe she'll want to become a structural engineer. Yeah. A structural engineer of lies. Landry's dad drives up and Tyra scoots away after a kiss, sort of slinking by his father as she goes. Landry's dad asks his son about football practice and then launches into the inquiry. He tells Landry that he was talking to the guys at work about Tyra and then demands to know why Landry didn't mention that the guy they pulled out of the river was the same one who tried to rape Tyra. Landry shits his pants -- again -- and lies "Are you serious?" Landry's dad is like, well you did know that she was down at the station because of this didn't you? Landry backpedals and tells his father that he knew she was at the station but that she just doesn't want to talk about any of it. Landry's dad tells him that he just feels like none of this with Landry and Tyra makes any sense. Get in line with that sentiment, bub. They start to argue with his father insisting that she must be saying something and Landry insisting that she isn't. Landry's dad then raises his voice "It's a lot to carry alone, Landry." Landry is like, tell me about it, it's a lot of pressure having your lame storyline be crapping up an otherwise satisfying TV show. Landry tells his father that he doesn't know what he wants him to say and then walks away.

Eric has Matt and Smash over for dinner. Because that's a surefire aphrodisiac to help with his plans for Tami later? The boys are glum and get into their same argument again with some prodding from Eric: Matt thinks Smash is a showboat and is just using the team to get to college. Smash thinks Matt is just jealous. Smash tells Matt he's acting "like a little bitch," which makes Eric get wonderfully fatherly: "Shhh, you watch your mouth." Then Matt turns the tables on Coach, telling his former mentor that Smash is just doing the same thing Coach did, using the Panthers as a stepping stone and then when that fell through expecting them to be happy to have him back. His logic has taken him far away from Smash, and he continues, "Kinda like what your daughter did with that older, Swedish kid." Matt storms out. Smash tries to commiserate with Coach over Saracen's bitchiness, but Coach tells him to close the door on his way out.

Later on, Eric is finishing the dishes when Tami comes tripping in, singing to herself, and with quite the happy red wine buzz. She's super sunny and tells Eric how good it was to get out and have conversation. She asks Eric about his dinner and he tells her that it was a disaster. She exclaims over the fact that his chili couldn't even fix it and then looks at him and does a very cutely over-exaggerated drunk surprised eyes: "That is AWFUL!" She leans in for a kiss, and Eric seems to be getting his spurs on his boots (what? I'm just going with the metaphor they so kindly provided!). They smooch and Tami pulls away giggling. She tells him that it was just sooo funny how all the girls at book club had a "six week story." Eric wonders what that is. She says "You know, a story about their husbands wanting to have sex after the baby before they were ready." Eric's spurs spin in the cool breeze that just wafted through, but he tries to saddle up anyhow: "Those people are bad" he jokes as he leans in to make out some more. Tami just grabs her chest and says "Ow, my boobs are killin' me, like concrete. I gotta go pump 'n' dump, babe. Love you, don't touch me." Once again, Tami Taylor is perfection.

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