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School. Julie runs into Matt in the hallway and stutters out an invitation to a Decemberists show. She clarifies that it's not a date and Matt responds, "Oh, right, yeah," and then says he definitely wants to go. "It's The Decemberists." Is Matt like a secret NPR listener or something? What else could explain his odd excitement for literate and mannered music featuring lots of weird horns and organs? Further evidence that Matt will make quite the accomplished shoegazer once he gets to college is his ready acquiescence to whatever a cute, irreverent girl wants or says.

Coach is in his office yelling "Lance!" Landry pokes his head in and asks if he means "Landry." Coach just gruffly calls him over and asks if he'd be ready to play on Friday if Coach puts him in. Landry's face positively glows when he tells him that he's ready right now.

It's like a regular old nineteenth-century novel. When one person rises, another has to fall. Landry's dad shows up to Tyra's house, where she answers the door in a halfshirt and tiny shorts. Ole Sis comes walking through in her underwear telling someone on the phone that "the boy is cut off, he's all hands." Oh, just stripper business. She's pissed there's a cop in the house and Tyra pointedly introduces her sister to "Mr. Clark, Landry's father" and then instructs Ole Sis to go put some clothes on. Tyra asks Landry's dad if he wants to sit down, which he doesn't. He just wants to tell Tyra to stay away from his son. Which he does, implying to her that he sees a connection with her getting together with his son just around the time this dead body shows up. She tries to show some gumption, asking if he's accusing her of something, but he just continues, telling her that he doesn't know what's going on only that Landry is lying to him -- something he's never done before. He tells her it isn't a request: "You stay away from my boy." There's some glimmer of potential here, with Tyra Collette being told, once again, what to do by an older white man. I'd like to see her snap under the pressure of becoming a woman men feel they can just instruct to do whatever.

Tami picks up some food from the Alamo Freeze. Matt tells her that Grace is cute and then wonders if she heard that he and Julie are hanging out that weekend. Tami inches toward the door and gives him a bright, noncommittal smile. Then he asks her if she thinks he's "a chump" for "going out with her, uh, hanging out with her again." Tami is adorably vague in her response, telling him he should do whatever makes him happy, and then platituding that the most important thing in a relationship is trust. The whole scene is really sweet, because we don't often think about how alone Matt is in navigating all this. No mom or dad or siblings to talk to, only a crazy, tiara-wielding grandma and the hot Latina caretaker shoehorned into his storyline. Now that I think of it, Matt is poised between being part of a good Taylor-centric storyline and getting dumped straight into a crappy Landry-Tyra-esque storyline with the Latina nurse. No wonder he's so confused and desperate!

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