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Booze cruise! This is so demented. Jason is all smiles when Tim and Lyla approach him. And the intervention is on! They tell him that they don't think he should get this surgery on a whim. Jason protests that he's researched it for weeks. Presumably using all the stellar research facilities Dillon has to offer. Tim reminds him that even the doctor told him there's a good chance he'll die on the table. Hold on a minute! Really? The doctor said that? And Tim had to develop misgivings about this surgery? Jason lashes out and says that he wants out of the chair -- now-- and that neither of them know how that feels. Jason says he's fine with dying on the table, which upsets Lyla, who tells him that he has so much to live for and that God has a plan. Tim shoots a "Don't 'God' him" out of the corner of his mouth which is funny, and Jason tells Lyla that he and God aren't exactly friends now. I wonder who is friends with God. That's like the ultimate V.I.P. scene. Then Lyla just tells Jason that he's being an idiot. Jason responds by suggesting that he'll just have a Jesus freak dunk his head under water to wash all his troubles away. Lyla turns and walks away to the other side of the boat. Jason turns his ire on Tim: "maybe I'll just grab a twelve-er, right, Riggins? That'll fix my spine right up." Tim shouts back at Jason saying that he knows Jason wants to walk again, but he isn't ever going to. "I will knock you out and bring you back to Dillon myself if I have to." Then Tim goes to join Lyla on the other side of the boat, because the best place to leave a man in a wheelchair who has just expressed his perfect willingness to die, is perched on the very edge of a fast-moving boat.

And so, Jason just screws up his mouth like he does and throws himself into the water. A very beautiful song (which I swore was by Antony and the Johnsons but turns out is really "To Build a Home" by a band called Cinematic Orchestra) starts up in the background and takes us through Tim and Lyla realizing what's happened and frantically scanning the water for a sign of him, and then shots of Jason sinking, sinking in the water, before opening his eyes and deciding he doesn't want to die and swimming, swimming, swimming for shore. That last "swimming" should be pronounced with very swishy accent because there was something very, very gay about that whole scene. Gay and corny and Broadway. And I sort of loved it. "I don't want to die!" the misfit hero realizes, all set to the tune of an overly emotive ballad.

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Friday Night Lights




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