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So then Jason swims to shore (?) where Tim and Lyla immediately show up in his truck (?!?) They run to him and the three of them sit there, Jason apologizing and saying he wasn't thinking. "I'm not having the surgery. Let's go back to Texas." Shot of the three from behind, and I'm wondering why they don't just stay in Mexico and live their intentional-family dreams to the fullest.

Friday night! Football! It's Coach Taylor's first game back. Taylor has benched Smash and Matt, which Slammin' Sammy thinks is Eric's message to the team: my way or the highway. The non-Matt and non-Smash crap all over the game while Smash and Matt crap all over the bench, continuing to fight with one another. Halftime. I smell an inspirational speech!

It isn't going to come from Coach, who is just going ballistic on the team. When The Galoot protests that they can't win without Smash and Matt, Eric shuts him right down. And if Coach Taylor's hair had opposable thumbs, it would be chucking chairs around the locker room Bobby Knight-style. So who is going to step up with some inspiration? LANCE! Landry suggests that the whole is greater than its parts, that they need to remember they are stronger together than they are alone. He acknowledges that he's not the best player, but tells his team that they can win together or lose alone. He tells the team it's an honor just to be in there with them all, and Coach settles down. "Clear eyes, full hearts. CAN'T LOSE."

Back on the field, Eric asks Mac to "bring Lance up here." Mac asks, "Landry?" and Eric repeats "Get Lance! Lance!" Eric tells Landry he's going in and the boy has to scramble for his helmet. Matt is stunned, "This game isn't over yet!" and then Landry's on the field. The Panthers throw an interception, but then #85, Landry, comes gunning down the field and makes a huge tackle, knocking the ball free. Panthers run it for a touchdown.

Meanwhile, Smash tells Matt they have to win the game; they have to kiss and make up. Matt is still bitchy, and Smash is like "COME ON, you little pissy bitch." So then they fist-bump and tell Coach they're BFFs. Really, Matt says they're "BFFs" which I love. Coach is done making a point and tells them to go warm up.

Panthers are on the 18 yard line, four seconds left, when Smash and Matt get back in. Matt calls a play that sets Landry up nicely. Landry gulps but says he's ready. Snap and Matt throws to Landry who doesn't catch it. Bummer. It appears the game is over until the refs call pass interference and the Panthers get set up again. Smash takes it up and over, and Panthers win! The announcers credit Landry Clark for sparking the Panthers to the win, Coach grabs Landry and welcomes him to the team, and the crowd starts chanting "Landry! Landry! Landry!" Landry's parents are over the moon in the stands as he points up at them, while Tyra just bites her lip and stews in her own limited prospects. ["And not to bring football into a show that's totally not about football at all, but: bullshit. Never in history has the guy who drew the pass interference penalty ever been given this much praise. The ref, maybe." -- Joe R]

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