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Y Tu Mama Tambien

Afterparty at the Alamo Freeze where kids are going nuts for Landry. Landry and Tyra slip outside where it's quiet, and Tyra tells Landry they shouldn't be together anymore. Landry is stonefaced, Tyra tells him that people are talking about them. Landry tries to get her to slow down and then Tyra gets mean. She asks if he thinks they would have ever gotten together if the murder didn't happen and then gets ICE cold and tells him to "look in a mirror, I don't know what I was thinking with you." She walks away, gets in her car and cries to herself.

Julie chats with Matt about their concert plans, but Matt tells her he can't go. He finally tells her he's pissed at her, that she cheated on him with The Swede and then when that didn't work just came back to him and didn't even say sorry. Julie says she's sorry, and Matt tells her that might have worked a couple of weeks ago and then turns and leaves.

Landry walks into the afterparty and gets cheers and pats on the back but none of that seems to help.

On the road from Mexico, Tim suggests that they stop and get a drink before stopping at their motel and teases Lyla, "unless, of course, that's against your religion, Garrity." Tim Riggins, I can guarantee that whatever she's thinking when she's near you is against every religion. A Coldplay-esque song plays in the background (Coldplay: "Sex for White Folks") and we cut to Lyla swaying and holding hands with Jason, letting him twirl her around and then draping herself over his lap and kissing him, then getting up and grabbing Tim for a dance while Jason graciously gives his wide-armed blessing. Tim holds her close, pulls her in and they kiss and it is so, so hot. So hot that even Minka Kelly's terrible exit line -- "I gotta go pray" -- is forgiven. Thank you, Friday Night Lights, for going the Y Tu Mama Tambien route. Maybe this time around the boys will be able to deal with being hot for each other as well as for the girl. Good, wholesome, Texas fun, this show.

The white folks continue to be in coupling moods as we cut over to the Taylor household, where Eric and Tami sink into the couch next to one another, exhausted. Tami tilts her head toward Eric and asks "Wanna fool around?" Eric remains blank-faced; he's not getting his spurs on for nothing again this time. He says he doesn't sense real commitment to the equine project she's proposed. Tami says that yes, she does want to and thinks it will be nice. Eric takes a sip of his whisky, while continuing to look straight ahead, but you can tell he's putting those chaps on in his mind -- and then he grabs her hand and they run to the bedroom giggling. So cute, always.

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