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Little Girl I Wanna Marry You

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Family Values

Smash comes home, his little sister cuddled up with his mother. Little sis goes upstairs and the soundtrack hits the Crying Note as Smash launches right into a really beautiful and sad monologue. He tells his mother that he's disgraced himself and the family. "God gave me a way to support this family, and I threw it away." Corrina is looking at him so softly, and Smash starts going back into the "my life is over without football" spiral until she interrupts him to tell him that he needs to let God lead him in a different direction, that she knows that without football there are no scholarships, no big house for her. She stands up and tells him that she doesn't need a big house. She places a hand on his cheek and tells her son that she loves watching him play football, that he looks so beautiful out there, but that sometimes she wishes he didn't have so much expectation on him. She wishes sometimes he could just be a kid. Oh! Tears! It's like a sublime James Wright poem up in here!

Buddy Garrity pulls up his driveway where Jason sits, as usual, in the bushes. Hey! It's That Weird Lurky Wheelchair Guy! You can see their breath as they talk, which makes it all feel more football-y to me. Jason tells Buddy that he's there to see him, not Lyla, and immediately demands why Buddy set Lyla up on a date. Buddy tells Jason that she needs to start pulling in tips, is why. Kidding! Buddy doesn't respond, so Jason provides the answer he's sure is right: "If I wasn't the town cripple, you wouldn't be setting your daughter up on dates." Sometimes, with all this cripple talk, I think Jason thinks he's Oliver Twist or something. Buddy tells him to quit that kind of talk, but Jason keeps pressing, telling Buddy that he knows he's just trying to show Lyla that there are other choices out there. And, believe me, I'm no Buddy Garrity fan, but I'd be pretty into trying to get my child -- son or daughter -- to date more than one person in his or her lifetime. Buddy tells Jason how much the Garrity family loves him, but Jason cuts him off, "Please do not patronize me," lifting a gimpy hand in protest. "Mr. Garrity. You sent your daughter on a date. And I asked you why. Now can we please speak honestly about this?"

Plinky guitars of conversational revelation play in the background as Buddy finally gets honest. "I looove that little girl in there. That's my daughter. And I want her to have a great life. And I'm reeal uncertain about the future here." Buddy then lays out his Concerns by Idiotic Numbers: how will Lyla get money? How will Jason get money? Will he go to college? Will she? Answered easily by 1) Get a job 2) Get a job 3) Yes 4) Um, that's up to you, fat man, why don't you try suggesting your daughter prepare for college? Then Buddy, unimaginative man that he is, really latches on to the question of whether or not Jason can have children. Jason answers quietly that they don't know yet, like finding out about his ability to have his own children will be the end of the issue. All the orphaned babies across the world cry and cry. But to no avail, because as Buddy now brings up, it's not like Jason can comfort these crying babies what with his being so protozoa-like now that he's in a wheelchair. Buddy starts spazzing out about if they do have children, who will go take care of the baby in the middle of the night? First of all, Buddy, obviously the woman would, and second of all, it's called a damn single-level ranch house. Everyone in Texas has one.

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