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Little Girl I Wanna Marry You

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Family Values

Buddy finally, at the end of his course on Disability Bigotry, finally lands on one reasonable concern that a father might have with his daughter marrying someone with paralyzed legs: "I don't want Lyla to be a caregiver her whole life" -- however, as far as I can tell, nobody in the Garrity family is encouraging her to actually do anything other than take care of a family, so this is sort of a pot/kettle situation. Buddy continues, "I know that's a bitter pill to swallow...and Lyla Garrity? She loves you, she'd follow you into hell. You sure you want to lead her there?" Oooh, evil Buddy Garrity.

Speaking of women who do and do not know how to do things...Tyra drives her mom down a lonely Texas road while her mom bitches about the Garrity family. "I mean, Pam? I don't know who she thinks she is. She doesn't even look at me in the market!" That's probably because you're too busy slathering yourself in peanut butter and singing "One!" from A Chorus Line, lady. Tyra tries to get her mom to focus on getting the job, but her mom wonders under what sort of circumstances she could take a job from Buddy Garrity. Tyra hypothesizes, "How 'bout eviction? I'm just thinkin'" Her mom continues to whine, but the tire in the truck blows, and they go skidding into the corn fields in pretty dramatic fashion. Tyra gets out of the truck and kicks at the ground in frustration while her mom hangs out the window and declares that God does not want them to go to Buddy Garrity's. And for the third time this episode, Tyra looks off into the distance in total frustration at something her mom just said. Getting to be like we need a "wah wah wah!" at the end of these two's scenes.

At the Dillon Bus Depot (which is marked by a beautifully plain fifties-era sign with a great font), Matt, Grandma, and Julie have gathered to say goodbye to their dead weight, ahem, father and son. Grandma tells her son that she put a surprise in his bag that he'll find once he gets to Iraq. Better check before then, Henry. Odds are she shoved a kitten into a Ziploc for you to cuddle with later. Grandma natters on about how Henry just needs to ask about getting to watch Matt's game on the TV over there. The camera cuts to Matt who stands a little ways away from his father, not looking at him. The bus pulls up, and everyone starts saying goodbye. Julie tells Henry that it was nice meeting him and wishes him a safe trip. Richard Buckner's "Figure" has started in the background, and a perfect small bit of the lyrics -- "I'm not some clipped lil' clipper / just a friend without much time / I'll send off a postcard to stay inside of you" -- plays just as Matt throws his arms around his father's neck and clings to him for dear life. Henry stands there stiffly, his heart apparently as paralyzed as Jason's legs, and then tells his son to keep his feet moving. He extricates himself from the hug and gets on the bus. As it pulls off, it kicks up all kinds of sad dust in its wake. Matt, Grandma, and Julie are tiny standing on the road, all looking after the bus until Grandma turns to Matt and just sort of walks into him for a hug. She seems mentally clear when she says they'll be all right, and when she takes one arm and beckons Julie into the hug, I die from a broken heart. Have some mercy show! This is all almost as sad as seeing Buckner open for Son Volt in 1996, the poor band that thought it could stand a chance against Wilco. Now that was sad.

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