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Little Girl I Wanna Marry You

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Coach Taylor stands in the back of a coach's meeting while Mac drones on about some plays up by the white board. Tami walks in, and it's like she's the Goddess of Eros walking across a planet of dorks. She apologizes for interrupting, and Coach pulls her into his office. He's not happy she's interrupting his dork time, but she's come to tell him that she's going to work for Mayor Rodell's campaign. Coach has a handful of nuts or something in his sweaty fist and is tossing them into his mouth. Sweaty nuts. Mmmmm. No, seriously, he's totally hot when he does this move. Coach is really disingenuous when he tells his wife, "That's great!" He can't resist getting into her business (who could, really?), though, and so follows that up with, "I'm sure she realizes how great you are." Pause. "I'm sure she realizes you're the coach's wife," and Tami gets set off immediately. As she should! Jesus, man. I'm hardly worried that Lucy Rodell is after your wife to get to you! Coach tells his wife that he doesn't like politicians, and that he's worried about "that little reveal the other night," saying that if it gets out in town, it'll be bad for Rodell and for anyone close to her. Tami is like "Wait? You don't want me to do this because she's a lesbian?" and at this they go into their Bringing Up Baby routine again, sparring and jarring one another as they argue about why Coach doesn't -- yet again -- want her to take on a potentially meaningful job. They pause and stare one another down, but Coach realizes who wins this one. "There's never a dull moment with you!" Tami looks so fetching as she tucks her hands in her pockets, shrugs her shoulders and tells her husband this is why he married her. Coach goodnaturedly says he can't quite remember why he married her. I can. And they are named Friend One and Friend Two. Tami gives her husband a kiss and "thanks" him for her support.

The Collette women are finding out that apparently their Friends One and Two are getting in the way of them being able to change a tire. This is unacceptable. As a certain purty Texan gal I watched the episode with remarked, "My daddy taught me three things. How to change a tire, how to check the oil, and how to jump a battery." Apparently Bob has not been so conscientious. Tyra's mom is struggling with "this thing" and "that thing" and concludes "it obviously doesn't work!" and throws the lug wrench onto the ground and stomps off into the muddy field. She screams that she is NOT cut out for this, that she doesn't know how to change a tire and doesn't want to know. Tyra insists that this is not the end of the world. Her mom finally turns toward the camera which has her in a mid-range shot and holy crap her Friends One and Two are feeling rather jaunty today! Is this why I haven't been getting the jobs I want? Because I'm not wearing a jacket that won't button across my chest?

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