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Family Values

Her mom asks Tyra what's gotten into her, "I mean, was Bob so bad?" Tyra loses it here, "HE HIT YOU!" and even this doesn't snap her mom out of it. "I told you he was workin' on his anger," she says. Tyra REALLY loses it (and I wonder where the escalation will end, because this lady seems to be a bottomless pit of crazy), "OH MY GOD!" She pleads for her mom to think, if not of herself, of her daughter. Tyra declares her love for her mother and then declares that her worst fear is that she'll become her mother. "And, call me crazy, but if we don't change this tire right here by ourselves? We're both doomed." Yes! Girls!

Out at the abandoned Dillon Raceway, our two favorite mobility-challenged boys wheel around, taking swigs of whiskey out of a paper-bagged bottle. Call ME crazy, but it looks to be pretty fun to get drunk and wheel around in a wheelchair. Jason tells Herc about confronting Buddy, and Herc deadpans, "I bet that went well." Jason laughs and says it did. He tells Herc that Buddy told him that he wanted his daughter to have a -- and here, big air quotes from Jason -- "good life." But his air quotes are sort of more like air claws, and Herc laughs, "Hehhehheh, 'quad quotes'." Jason gets serious for a moment, telling Herc that Buddy made him think about how he's been selfish since the accident, that he hasn't thought much about her, "about how being with me is going to define her." Tell it, brother. I wish my husband had thought a little bit more about how being with him was going to define me. As the wife of that guy who gets on the furniture and yells "Woooo!" at every party he goes to.

Herc asks Jason what he's going to do, and Jason says "I don't know. Maybe let her go? Maybe it's time to let her go." Jason is clearly looking for advice, and Herc obliges, "You know I'm no Lyla fan, but you listen to me, grasshopper" -- hee -- "There's going to be a million Buddy Garritys out there who will try and tell you that you aren't worth anything." Herc is gesturing big and drunk, and he tells Jason that what he needs to do is look these Buddy motherfuckers out there right in the eye and "flip 'em the bird," at which he unfurls his arm toward Jason to reveal the back of his hand, all of his fingers curled back toward him. Pause. "Just like that?" Jason asks, and the two break into convulsions. Herc pulls up a bit and tells his young charge, "Cuz Buddy Garritys of the world, they're a cancer to you and me." Yes! Quads! This really was a heartwarming scene.

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