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Commercials. Football. Nine minutes left in the game. Announcers blabbing about Smash "ridin' the pine" which is "a mystery wrapped in an enigma hog-tied and shut up tight." Heh. That's some good sports radio nonsense right there. Tim takes it up the middle a bit. Everyone cheers, Second and six, Saracen tosses it to Riggins AGAIN and he gets to third and one. And then? ANOTHER hand-off to Riggins, who gets stopped short. Saracen calls a time-out, and the announcer notes that Coach is not sending the punting unit out even though it's fourth and eight. Saracen lays out his plan that will generate "like, an ocean between the safeties." Aw, sweetheart picks a descriptive phrase and sticks with it. Coach tells Matt that the other team plays the safeties back so far because they're the best safeties in the UNIVERSE, that they're trying to lure QBs into "firing pops." Mac weighs in from the background that "it's a trap!" It isn't Mission: Impossible out there, pal. Coach disdains Mac's squawks and asks Matt if he can hit the receivers. Matt's blue eyes burn through the bars across his helmet as he says he can. Coach tells Matt that if he misses, they'll be watching the playoffs on their couches. Matt assures Coach he can do it. And Coach does what a good man should, he sets his little bird free: "Take a shot, then. Take a shot."

Tears! Really? In the middle of the game? Yes. Tears. Because of all the pressure on these boys and the beauty of someone placing their faith in someone else. Tears, dammit, tears!

Matt runs back on the field, and the announcer registers his surprise. Matt calls the play, and even if this is all bullshit -- a team running a play they haven't ever practiced or even know anything about -- I love the narrative thrust of the experiment. Matt calls the play, hits Tim Riggins, who breaks a tackle and makes it to the endzone, no doubt with the help of Coach Taylor who's doing that dorky "go, go, go!" circular arm motion, lateral skip thing that football coaches do. Everyone cheers, hooray! Now let's get back to the good stuff.

Buddy is hosting a celebration at the dealership, and this is so much less stressful than the last time we saw these boys in this place. Matt approaches Coach, who's in a sweatshirt trying to make the television screen explode with hot dadness (he's totally a D.I.L.F., right?). Matt stutters up to Coach, who's craning his head around looking past Matt, in order to thank him. Coach pulls no punches with this kid, though, and he gruffly says, "Huh?" so that Matt has to repeat himself, thanking Coach for trusting him enough to pull that play off tonight. Coach tells Matt that he did good, but to just keep his head on straight, "then we'll start congratulatin' each other." Matt shuffles off, and Coach catches a glimpse of Lucy Rodell rubbing up pretty close to Tami. Lucy is talking a bunch of sweet nonsense to Tami, who is apparently finding her ladyfriend to be a bit of a close talker. Coach rolls his eyes and wanders in the opposite direction.

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