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Family Values

Tyra and her mom stalk into the dealership, the latter with streaks of mud on her chest. Ladies. Just because you got dirty doesn't mean you need to stay dirty. Buddy is deep into a good ol' boy conversation with some dudes and it appears he is talking about how he loves his "collaborative" relationship with Coach Taylor. Tyra interrupts the circle jerk and immediately launches into an apology about her mom missing her appointment. Buddy clearly doesn't know these two from a hole in the wall and tells Tyra that he doesn't mind them missing the appointment. He mentions in passing that he filled the position, tossing the information off like it's nothing, just like a rich man would. Tyra's mom walks up behind her daughter and introduces herself to Buddy, who sort of stutters in the presence of her Friends. She introduces herself as Angela, and Buddy says maybe they can discuss the position right now. Angela whispers and cocks her head and flirts as they walk off (Buddy tossing off some sort of request to his friend Reg about keeping his wife away), and Tyra watches this all go down with complete wonder. Wah wah wah!

Coach greets Mrs. Williams and asks if he can have Smash for an hour or so. She gives her permission. The camera pans across to Buddy's office where Angela gets up and clasps her hands in front of her chest, smiles like a pretty little doll, and shakes Buddy's hand just like she's playing Office Receptionist! She comes out of the office and squeals to Tyra that she got the job. Tyra asks her whether the typing was a problem, and her mom says, "I don't know, didn't come up!" Neither did salary or benefits, it turns out, but Angela insists her daughter loosen up and come celebrate. They hug and Tyra makes eyes at her mom, "Let's get drunk!" Aw. Or, "Wah wah wah!"

Cut to a shot through the windows of a glassy diner. Very Nighthawks. Cut inside where Coach tells Smash that when he was young they used to do crazy things and then "come down and get burgers at Lenny's." Which is presumably where they are now. He then says, "What I'm about to say stays between you and me." Kyle Chandler's hair is standing on end, pretty much screaming its protest of this decision. The hair is the equivalent of having somebody standing behind Coach mugging and making dramatic gestures, a knife across the throat, a big "X" slashed through the air, a mimed man hanging himself with a rope around his neck. So it isn't a surprise, because the hair has foreshadowed Coach's decision, when Coach says he won't report Smash. He tells the kid that he'll need to submit to private drug testing until he can trust him again. Which will probably be never. Smash tries to thank him, but Coach cuts him off and says, sotto voce, "See that kid washing dishes back there?" Cut to an young African-American man behind the counter bent over a sink. Coach explains that he once was a quarterback at Westerby, that he was on the famous Grady Hunt 100, that he went to Notre Dame but never made it past sophomore year. Coach asks Smash to consider the irony in getting into this mess because he didn't think he was big enough. He instructs the young man that "you don't listen to Grady Hunts of this world. You listen to people who love you, and you listen to people you trust. Most of all you listen to yourself." Solid advice. Also a nice echo of Herc's advice about "the Buddy Garritys of this world." This is quite an elegant script, Mr. Katims. Coach reminds Smash how far he's sticking his neck out for him and tells him not to forget it. Kyle Chandler's hair is like, "I can't do a thing with this man!"

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