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Little Girl I Wanna Marry You

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Lyla walks up to her house, girlish goodbyes issuing from the car speeding away. Lyla might think she's in for an uneventful ten-foot walk up her front walkway but -- dun dun dun! She did not count on Hey! It's That Lurky Wheelchair Guy! lurking in his wheelchair in the bushes again. Jason inches toward her, and she is sort of hesitant around him which doesn't make too, too much sense. They didn't really have a fight, did they? He asks how lunch was, and she says she thinks he knows. He chuckles, "Busted!" Jason reaches out and grabs the end of her coat to pull her closer to him. He tells her she's beautiful and smart and talented and "you got your whole future ahead of you" which causes her to furrow and exclaim, "Oh, my God you're breaking up with me?!" She bends down to his level -- oh, so clever, show -- and he puts a quieting finger to her lips as he continues. He tells her he'd spent the last few hours with Herc -- same night? so what is coming up is perhaps a P.U.I.? -- and that during that time he tried to convince himself that he was just a thorn in Lyla's side. But then he started thinking about why he likes Herc so much. "Cuz he...he took his handicap and he didn't settle for just becoming as good as he was before, he tried to become a better man." Jason continues, rather tortuously (and also rather oddly Herc-focused for what's coming up), saying that he wondered what Herc would do in Jason's shoes. Lyla snarks, "He would dump me and go after Tyra!" Jason shushes her but she follows up, "He would! He told me!" and that is a great joke right there. I love imagining the situation where Herc told her that.

But it's no time for jokes because there are rash decisions to be made. I bet if we looked in the bushes behind them we might see Kyle Chandler's hair back there making wild "don't do it!" gestures. Jason says "Lyla, I love you more than life itself. And I have loved you like that since the first moment I laid eyes on you. Lyla Garrity? Will you marry me?"

And I would be lying if I said I didn't actually shriek the first time I watched this. But you know who shrieked louder? Kyle Chandler's hair, that's who.

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